• 100 Prescriptions That Will Shape Your Personality 100 Prescriptions That Will Shape Your Personality

100 Prescriptions That Will Shape Your Personality

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Contents :
1. Stop feeling sorry   
2. Thoughts, not hard work, bring success   
3. Become rich with your present income!   
4. Create your future right here and now   
5. The secret of youth at 80 or 90   
6. Get anything through alpha meditation   
7. You don’t have to know everything   
8. The best way to communicate   
9. Your mind, your healer   
10. Become a CEO   
11. Sex energy and success   
12. Be happy   
13. The impossible is possible   
14. Ring out stress and tension: ring in tranquility and peace   
15. Your actual age   
16. Poverty is our making   
17. Convert NO into YES   
18. Yes there is inequality at birth, but each one can succeed   
19. Give less; get more   
20. Make yours a better world!   
21. Live great!   
22. Are you fit?   
23. There is no grey cloud over your head   
24. Learn English, the only world language   
25. Is your memory poor?   
26. How to become happy?   
27. Are you a successful executive? 
28. Wonder at the wonders around   
29. Run for fun   
30. Take the first step; the next step follows   
31. Invest in yourself   
32. Are our problems all that big?   
33. How do you select a partner?   
34. Your profession:let it all be play and work   
35. Can we prevent natural calamities?   
36. Are the laws for the poor and the weak?   
37. Offer challenges to your grey matter   
38. Laugh your way to health   
39. Attain super health   
40. Beat procrastination   
41. A legless legend   
42. Cultivate a world view   
43. You need not age after all   
44. Reach the top at 35!   
45. Modeling for quick success   
46. Limiting beliefs (that pull you down)   
47. Emotional intelligence   
48. The theory of progress   
49. Scarcity orientation   
50. Why the poor remain poor?   
51. Creating abundance   
52. Traits of successful people   
53. Genetic permutations and combinations   
54. More the failures greater the chance to succeed   69
55. Developing self-confidence   
56. Revolutionary Selling   
57. Move briskly to succeed 
58. Fast to become healthy   
59. Life just begins now   
60. Picture your dream into reality   
61. Gain instant courage to face a difficult situation   
62. If you believe in longevity, accident is not possible   78
63. Focus……..Focus   
64. Getting what you want   
65. These balancing rock shave lived millions for years   
66. You can succeed too   
67. Predict your future by creating it   
68. Down with dowry!   
69. Nature is indifferent to man   
70. Life in the 22nd century   
71. Develop your self-esteem   
72. Why are we Christians, Hindus or Moslem?   
73. Secret of a long life from Acacia 
74. Let women partake in nation building   
75. You alone are responsible for your life   
76. Change your map to change your destiny   
77. Who become your enemy?   
78. Ensure a good sleep   
79. Prosperity begins with one’s own thoughts   
80. Why do we fail?   
81. All we know: we do not know   
82. Can you become Lincoln, Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare? 
83. You decide when ‘to go’   
84. Giving: the great secret of success   
85. Has your life been hard so far?   
86. Don’t lie down licking your wounds   
87. IQ may not be enough at the workplace   
88. Lessen worry; become merry   
89. A new year resolution   
90. Say a big thank you   
91. You can be lucky too   
92. Your brain is like a god!   
93. Problem is with you, not with the world   
94. Differentiate between right and wrong   
95. Celebrate life   
96. Amuse yourself when in a snarl   
97. Sure recipe for perfect health   
98. Let’s not oppress women   
99. Live your lives!   
100. Can I succeed?

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