• VK Microeconomics (Sem-I&II) KU & MDU For Class- B.A.-I 2015 Edition VK Microeconomics (Sem-I&II) KU & MDU For Class- B.A.-I 2015 Edition

VK Microeconomics (Sem-I&II) KU & MDU For Class- B.A.-I 2015 Edition

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VK Microeconomics (Sem-I&II) KU & MDU For Class- B.A.-I 2015 Edition


  1. 1. Nature and Scope of Economics

  2. 2. The Economic Problem: Scarcity and Choice

  3. 3. Economic Organisation and Economic Systems

  4. 4. Micro and Macro Economics

  5. 5. Concepts of Demand and Law of Demand

  6. 6. Elasticity of Demand

  7. 7. Consumer Theory—Cardinal Utility Analysis

  8. 8. Ordinal Utility Theory: Indifference Curve Approach

  9. 9. Firms as Agents of Production

  10. 10. Production Function and Laws of Production

  11. 11. Isoquant Curves and Producer’s Equilibrium

  12. 12. Concepts of Supply and Law of Supply

  13. 13. Theory of Costs

  14. 14. Concepts of Revenue


  1. 1. Market Structure

  2. 2. Theory of Perfect Competition

  3. 3. Theory of a Monopoly Firm

  4. 4. Theory of Monopolistic Competition

  5. 5. Oligopoly

  6. 6. Market Success and Market Failure

  7. 7. Theory of Factor Pricing

  8. 8. Rent

  9. 9. Interest

  10. 10. Profit

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Brand / Publisher VK Global Publications
Return Policy 15 Days
Edition 2015
ISBN 9789380901947
Author T. R. Jain,V.K. Ohri,O P Khanna
Language English
Board Haryana State Board
Class Class XII
Study Stream Arts
Specialization Arts
Subject Economics
Binding Paperback


Brand Information

VK Global Publishing House several publications are approved by the Board of School Education, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Jammu & Kashmir. 
Specialising in the area of Economics and Commerce and sticking to academic excellence as their mission, they have recently brought out a series of text books in natural sciences, focusing on physics and chemistry in particular.

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