• Technical Network Analysis and Synthesis: 2016 Edition Technical Network Analysis and Synthesis: 2016 Edition

Technical Network Analysis and Synthesis: 2016 Edition

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Technical Network Analysis and Synthesis: 2016 Edition

Signals and Waveforms Signals analysis, Complex frequency, Characteristics of signals, Step, Ramp and Impulse functions. Elementary time function representation of waveforms. Applications of Laplace Transforms Review of Laplace Transforms for solving differential equations, Application of Laplace transforms in network analysis, Convolution, Definition of system function, impulse response. Pole and zero diagrams, Transformed circuit analysis of networks including ladder networks and two port networks etc, two port parameters Modified system function with incidental dissipation. Amplitude and phase response, Bode plots, Effect of poles and zeroes on system behaviour. All Pass Filters, Elements of realizability theory, Hurwitz polinomials, Positive Real Functions. Network Topology Network graphs, Cutset matrix, Fundamental cutset matrix and tieset matrix. Solution of networks using network graphs. Synthesis of One Port Networks Properties of RC, RL and LC driving point functions and their synthesis in Foster and Cauer forms. Synthesis of RLC driving point functions in terms of partial fraction or continued fractions for simple DP functions. Synthesis of Transfer Functions Properties of transfer-function, zeroes of transmission, synthesis of Y21 and Z21 with 1 ohms termination. Synthesis of voltage transfer functions using constant resistance networks. Filter Design - I Butterworth and Chebyshev approximation : Derivation of normalised lowpass filter transfer function upto 3rd order by Butterworth approximation from basic principles. Evaluation of transfer function for chebyshev filter from pole zero plot. Synthesis of above mentioned filters with 1 ohms termination. Frequency transformation to high-pass, band pass, and band-elimination from normalised low-pass filters, frequency scaling and Impedance scaling. Filter Design - II Factored forms of the functions, Cascade approach, Biquad topologies : Positive feedback topology,Coefficient matching techniques for obtaining element values. Positive feedback biquad circuits : Sallen and Key low-pass circuits . RC to CR transformation for high pass filter design. Definition of sensitivities, Sensitivity analysis of the above circuits with respect to parameters like Q, Wo and component values. Effect of practical OP-AMP characteristics on active filter performance : Dynamic range, slew rate, offset voltage and currents, Noise.

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Brand / Publisher Technical Publication
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Reference Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9788189411138
Author R. M. Jalnekar , J. S. Chitode
Language English
Specialization Electronics & Telecommunications
Subject Engineering
Pages 853
Binding Paperback


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