• Arihant - Laboratory Manual Mathematics Class 9th Term-1 & 2 [Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] - COMBO Arihant - Laboratory Manual Mathematics Class 9th Term-1 & 2 [Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] - COMBO

Arihant - Laboratory Manual Mathematics Class 9th Term-1 & 2 [Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] - COMBO

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Arihant - Laboratory Manual Mathematics Class 9th Term-1 & 2 [Activities|Projects|Viva-Voce] - COMBO

  • This boxset includes the following titles:

  • Laboratory Manual MathematicsCBSE Class IX

  • Practical Notebook

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts practical examination for Class IX students. This combo has been designed to help Class IX students prepare for Activities, Experiments and Viva Voce for Mathematics.
The present boxset contains Laboratory Manual Mathematics CBSE Class IX and Practical Notebook. The Laboratory Manual for CBSE Class IX MathematicsActivities, Projects and Viva Voce has been divided into two parts namely Activities (Term I & Term II) and List of projects covering the syllabi of Term I and Term II. The Activities (Term I) section covers activities like To construct a square root spiral, to represent some irrational numbers on the number line, To verify exterior angle property of a triangle, to verify experimentally the different criteria for congruency of triangles using triangle cut outs, etc. whereas the Activities (Term II) covers To find the formula for the area of a trapezium experimentally, To verify that the triangles on the same base & between the same parallels are equal in area, To verify that the angles in the same segment of a circle are equal, To verify that the opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral are supplementary, To form a cuboid & find the formula for its surface area experimentally, To form a cone from a sector of a circle, To obtain the formula for the surface area of a sphere, etc. The Projects section covers To develop Heron’s formula for area of a triangle, Extensions of Phythagoras Theorem, Magic Squares, Mathematical designs & patterns, Ramanujan number, Mathematical crosswords, Application of geometry in day-to-day life, Golden rectangle & golden ratio, Knowledge & classification of solid figures with respect to surface areas & volumes, etc.The laboratory manual comes with a Practical Notebook which will help students record their experiments and observations.
As the combo covers all the experiments and activities, it for sure will help Class IX students prepare their best for CBSE Class IX Mathematics Practical Examination.

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Brand / Publisher Arihant
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Text Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9789350941010
Author Arihant Experts
Language English
Class Class IX
Subject Mathematics
Binding Paperback


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