• Arun deep's Self Help To New World - Interactive English For Class - 7 Arun deep's Self Help To New World - Interactive English For Class - 7

Arun deep's Self Help To New World - Interactive English For Class - 7

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Arun deep's Self Help To New World - Interactive English For Class - 7


1.      What Sets You Apart                                                          

         Section A : Miracle on the Hudson                                     

         Section B : The Lightning Racket                                       

         Section C : Dad, the Tiger and Me                                     

2.      The Endangered                                                                 

         Section A : Losing My Ice Bed                                           

         Section B : Global Warming                                               

         Section C : His Speed is not Enough                                 

3.      Mystery and Intrigue                                                           

         Section A : The Dilemma                                                   

         Section B : The One Who Got Away                                 

         Section C : The Death Trap                                                

4.      Schools and Schools                                                          

         Section A : The Fun They Had                                           

         Section B : The Village School Master                               

         Section C : Excuses, Excuses                                           

         Section D : A Different Kind of School                               

5.      Different Hues of Life                                                         

         Section A : SOS from Planet Earth                                    

         Section B : Bastar—A Rare Treat                                      

         Section C : Courage—Yes!                                                


1.      Tenses—Revision                                                               

2.      Reported Speech                                                                

3.      Subject-Verb Agreement                                                    

4.      Transitive and Intransitive Verbs                                        

5.      The Passive Voice                                                              

6.      Synonyms and Antonyms                                                  

7.      Modals                                                                                

8.      Modals—The Uses of ‘Will’ and ‘Shall’                               

9.      Interrogative Adverbs and ‘Wh’ Questions                         

10.    Interchanging Parts of Speech; to Begin                            


11.    Reconstruction of Sentences; Word Forms                       

12.    Phrasal Verbs                                                                     

13.    Idioms and Proverbs                                                           

14.    Finite and Non-finite Non-finite Verbs                                

15.    Integrated Grammar Practice                                            

Literature Reader

1.      Trash Masher                                                                      

2.      No Men Are Foreign                                                           

3.      The Midnight Visitor                                                            

4.      A Ballad of Sir Pertab Singh                                               

5.      A Rabbit Decides to Live                                                    

6.      Mother                                                                                 

7.      David Meets His Aunt                                                         

8.      Kanhaya (Krishna)                                                              

9.      The Cub                                                                              

10.    The Solitary Reaper                                                            

11.    The Sounds of Music                                                          

12.    Domestic Asides                                                                 

13.    The Pedestrian
14.       The First Patient



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Brand / Publisher Arundeep
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Book Type Text Books
Edition 2015
Author Arun deep's Exparts
Language English
Class Class VII
Subject English
Binding Paperback


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Ravinder Singh & Sons founded by the famous book shop owner after gaining the experience of more than 25 years in the book’s trade after studying the needs of the students and parents who could not afford tuitions with the aim, “Say GoodBye to Tutors , Read Better Score Better.” Embedded all his more than 25 years of experience in book line in establishing the publication and taking it to the heights and servicing customers all across the world in India, UAE, Singapore and Nigeria. 

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