• Arundeep's Self Help To Mathematics Solution of Bharti Bhawan Das Gupt For Class - 10 ICSE Arundeep's Self Help To Mathematics Solution of Bharti Bhawan Das Gupt For Class - 10 ICSE

Arundeep's Self Help To Mathematics Solution of Bharti Bhawan Das Gupt For Class - 10 ICSE

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Arundeep's Self Help To Mathematics Solution of Bharti Bhawan Das Gupt For Class - 10 ICSE

Commercial Mathematics

          1.      Compound Interest                                                                                Exercise 1-A                                                                                        Exercise 1-B                             Exercise 1-C                                                                                             

          2.   Sales Tax and Value-Added Tax                                                            Exercise 2-A                                                                                        Exercise 2-B                             Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 1                                                        

          3.      Banking                                                                               

                   Exercise 3-A                                                                          

                   Exercise 3-B                                                                          

          4.      Shares and Dividends                                                       

                    Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 2                                               


          1.      Linear Inequations in One Variable                             

                   Exercise 1-A                                                                          

                   Exercise 1-B                                                                          

          2.      Quadratic Equations                                                        

                   Exercise 2-A                                                                          

                   Exercise 2-B                                                                          

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 3                                               

          3.      Factorization                                                                      

          4.      Ratio and Proportion                                                       

                   Exercise 4-A                                                                                              Exercise 4-B                                                                                        Exercise 4-C                  

5.      Matrics                                                                                                               Keep-in-Touch Worksheet

          Reflection and Coordinate Geometry

          1.      Reflection                                                                             

          2.      Distance and Section Formulae                                                          Exercise 2-A                                                                                        Exercise 2-B                             Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 5                                                        

          3.      Equation of a Straight Line                                                                  Exercise 3-A  

                   Exercise 3-B                                                                                              Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 6                                                                                 


          1.      Symmetry                                                                              

          2.      Similarity                                                                             

          3.      Loci                                                                                        

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 7                                               

          4.      Circle                                                                                     

          5.      Properties of Arcs and Chords                                          

          6.      Cyclic Properties of a Circle                                              

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 8                                               

          7.      Propoerties of Tangents                                                     

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 9                                               

          8.      Constructions                                                                      

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 10                                            


          1.      Area and Perimeter of a Circle                                        

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 11                                            

          2.      Three-Deminsional Solids                                                

                   Exercise 2-A                                                                          

                   Exercise 2-B                                                                          

                   Exercise 2-C                                                                          

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 12                                            


          1.      Trigonometric Identities                                                  

          2.      Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles          

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 13                                            

          3.      Heights and Distances                                                       

                   Keep-in-Touch Worksheet 14                                            

Statistics and Probability

          1.      Graphical Representation                                                

          2.      Measures of Central Tendency                                         

                   Exercise 2-A      

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