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PART ICENTRAL EXCISECHAPTER I BASIC STUDY OF INDIRECT TAXES1. Introduction2. Main differences between Direct and Indirect Taxes (C.E.)3. Constitutional Authority4. Organisational Setup5. Evolution of System in Central Excise6. Over view of Indirect Taxes7. The Central Excise Tariff8.1 Education Cess: Finance Act, 2004. Section 81 (From 10-9-2004)8.11 Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Cess9. Surcharge on Panmasala and Tobacco Products10. Cesses11. Levy and Collection12. Levy of Excise on Goods13. Excisability and Dutiability14. Exemptions15. Nil Rate of Duty16. Tariff Advice17. Trade Notice18. Pre Excise/Prebudget StocksCHAPTERllTHE CENTRAL EXCISE ACT, 19441. Section 2 gives Definitions2. Section 3(1) - Charging Section3. Section 4 - Valuation of excisable goodsREMISSIONS4. Section 5 - Remission of duty on goods found deficient in quantityEXEMPTIONS5. Section SA - Purposes for which granted - See Chapter IREGISTRATION6. Section 6 Registration of Certain7. Section 8 - Restriction on possession of excisable goods8. Section 9 - Offences and Penalty9. Section 9(A) - Compounding of Offences10. Section 9AA11. Section 11 - Recovery of sums due to Government12 Section 12 - Applicability of customs provisions13. Section I2E - Performance of functions13A. Section 12F (w.e.r. 8.4.201 I)14. Special Audits on the Accounts of Assessees - (Ss. 14A and 14AA)15. Powers and duties of officers16. Sections 23A to 23H17. Sections 31 & 3218. Adjudication of Confiscations and Penalties19. Section 3520. Presumption as to DOCUMENTS21. Supplemental ProvisionsCHAPTER IIICENTRAL EXCISE RULES, 2002IntroductionScope of the Central Excise ManualI. Rule I - Short Title, Extent and Commencement2. Rule 2 - Definitions3. Rule 3 - Appointment and Jurisdiction of Central Excise Officers4. Rule 4 - Duty Payable on Removal5. Rule 5 - Date for Determination of Duty and Tari ff Valuation (Relevant date)6. Rule 6 - Assessment of Duty - Self AssessmentScrutiny of Assessment (Ch. 3 Part VI Chap. 3 of Excise Manual)7. Rule 7 - Provisional Assessment (Chap. 3 - Part IV of Excise Manual)8. Rule 8 - Manner of Payment of Duty9. Rule 9 - Registration (See Section 6 under Ch. II) Already dealt with U/S. 6 ante10. Rule 10 - Daily Stock Account11. Rule II - Documentation - Goods to be removed on invoice12. Rule 12 - Filing of Return13.1 Rule 12AA - (Finance Act 2005) Job Work in Article of Jewellery13. IA Rule 12BB - Procedure and facilities for large tax payer13.2 Rule 12C - Independent Weaver13.3 Rule 12CC - Power to impose restrictions in certain types of cases13.4 Restrictions in certain types of cases for Manu facturer, I and II Stage Dealers orExporter13A. Rule 12D - Applicability of the Rules14. Rules 13 & 14 - Procedure for payment of duty through excise stamps- Matches15. Rule 15 - Special Procedure for Payment of Duty - Compounded Levy16. Rule 16 - Return of Goods into the Factory for purpose of repair/re-manufactureand return - Credit of duty on goods brought to the factory (Chap 18 Part IV ofExcise Manual)17. Rule 17 - Removal of Goods by a 100% EOU/ for Domestic Tariff Area18. Introduction19.1 Export under Bond without Payment of Duty (Rule 19)20. Rule 20 - Warehousing (Ch.l0 of Excise Manual)CHAPTER IVMANUFACTURE - A CONCEPTUAL ANALYSISI. Definition2. Concept3. Other aspects of manufacture4. Link with TariffCHAPTER VVALUATION OF GOODS IN CENTRAL EXCISEI. Introduction2. Concept of Transaction value (from 01-07-2000)3. Valuation (Central Excise) Transaction Value4. Central Excise Valuation (Determination of price of Excisable goods) Rules, 20005. An enlarged study of Section6. Study of the Central Excise Valuation (Determination of Price of ExcisableGoods), Rules, 20007. Valuation of Excisable goods with reference to Retail Sale Price (Section 4A)8. The Central Excise (Determination of Retail Sale Price of ExcisableGoods) Rules, 20089. Board's clarifications: Circular No. 673/64/2002lCX dt.2S.1O.200210. Export to Nepal and 8hutan11. Printing Voluntarily12. Section 4 Table - Transaction Value - Treatment of various elements13. Valuation of samplesModel QuestionsValuation - Practical WorkingCHAPTER VIICLASSIFICATION OF GOODS(COMMON TO CENTRAL EXCISE & CUSTOMSPART IICUSTOMS1. THE CUSTOMS TARIFF ACT, 19752. THE CUSTOMS ACT, 1962CHAPTER IPRELIMINARYCHAPTER IIOFFICERS OF CUSTOMSCHAPTERlliAPPOINTMENT OF CUSTOMS PORTS, AIRPORTS Etc,CHAPTER IVPROHIBITION OF IMPORTATION & EXPORTATION OF GOODSCHAPTER rV-A1. Detection of illegally imported goods & prevention of disposal thereof:CHAPTER lV-B1. Prevention or Detection of illegal export of goods (S. UH to M)CHAPTER lV-CI. Under Section II(N) Government may, by notification, exempt any goods from theoperation of the above rules in public interestCHAPTER VLEVY OF AND EXEMPTION FROM, CUSTOMS DUTIESCHAPTERY·A17. Duty to the shown separatelyIS. Presumption of incidence of duty as passed onCHAPfERY·BAdvance RulingsQuestionsCHAPTER VIPROVISIONS RELATING TO CONVEYANCES CARRYING IMPORTED OR EXPORT GOODSCHAPTERVllCLEARANCE OF IMPORTED GOODS AND EXPORT GOODSCHAPTER VIIIGOODS IN TRANSITCHAPTER IXWAREHOUSING (SECTIONS 57 TO 73 OF THE CUSTOMS ACT, 1962)CHAPTERXDRAWBACK OF CUSTOMS AND C.E. DUTYTHE CUSTOMS, CENTRAL EXCISE DUTIES AND SERVICE TAX DRAW BACKRULES, 1995CHAPTERXISPECIAL PROVISIONS REGARDING BAGGAGE, GOODS IMPORTED BY POSTAND STORESIMPORT/EXPORT BY POSTSHIP STORESCHAPTER XIIPROVISIONS RELA nNG TO COASTAL GOODS AND VESSELS CARRYING COASTAL GOODSCHAPTER XIIISEARCHES, SEIZURES AND ARRESTCHAPTER XIVCONFISCATION OF GOODS AND CONVEYANCES AND IMPOSITION OF PENALTIESCHAPTER XIV-ASETTLEMENT COMMISSION [See Pan lll)CHAPTER XVAPPEALS AND REVISIONCHAPTER XVIOFFENCES AND PROSECUTIONSQuestionsCHAPTER XVlIMISCELLANEOUSPART llISERVICE TAXPART IVAPPEALS AND REVISIONSETTLEMENT COMMISSION AUTHORITY FOR ADVANCE RULING,THE NATIONAL TAX TRIBUNAL ACT, 2005APPEALS AND REVISION (CENTRAL EXCISE & CUSTOMS)

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