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Carvinowledge press : Ca Final Strategic Financial Management

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Quick Overview

1. Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy

.What is Finance?
.Meaning of Financial Management
.What is Strategy?
.Meaning of Strategic Management
.Strategic Financial Decision Making Frame Work
.Strategic Decision Models and Characteristics
.Financial Planning
.Balancing Financial Goals Vis-a-Vis Sustainable Growth
2. Project Planning and Capital Budgeting
.Feasibility Study
.Contents of a Project Report
.Social Cost Benefit Analysis
.Capital Budgeting Under Risk and Uncertainty
.Business and Financial Risk
.Methods of Incorporating Risk
.Sensitivity Analysis
.Social Cost Benefit Analysis
.Capital Rationing
Problems and Solutions
.Basic Concepts
.Basic Concepts - NPV, IRR, Benefit Cost Ratio
.WACC to Compute NPV
.Capital Budgeting under Risk and Uncertainty
.Selection of Proposal
.Evaluation of Project
.Sensitivity Analysis of Project
.Evaluation of Proposal
.Selection of Plans
.Capital Budgeting under Capital Rationing
.Capital Budgeting under Inflation
.Decision Tree
.CAPM Approach to Capital Budgeting
.Replacement Decision
.Make or Buy
.Capital Budgeting and CAPM (Venture Capital Financing)
.Adjusted Present Value
.Project and Equity IRR
.Capital Budgeting - Evaluation of Proposal
.New Production Launch – Direct method of Cash Flows
.Choice of Machine – Equivalent Annual Cost – No Tax
.Sensitivity Analysis
.Decision Tree Analysis
.Evaluation of Project – Delaying Investment
3. Leasing Decision
.Cross-Border Leasing
Problems and Solutions
.Computation of Annual Lease Rent (Variable)
.Calculation of IRR
.Computation of Cost of Capital, or Internal Rate of Return
.Finance Option
.NPV of Lease, MLP, Break-even (Lessor's Point of View)
.Lease vs Hire Purchase
.Lease Vs Purchase Option
.Lease Vs Loan Option
.Lease Rental (BELR) from Lessor's Point of View
.Break-Even Lease Rental (BELR) from Lessor's Point of View
.Break Even Lease Rent(For leasing Co.)
.Leasing - Renewal of Contract
4. Dividend Decisions
.Introduction 203; Dividend Policy
Problems and Solutions
.Dividend Policy
.Dividend Decision
.Walter Model
.Gordon Dividend Valuation Model
.Dividend Discount Model
.Annuity Method
.Modigliani and Miller Approach
.Linter Model
.Return and Risk
.Money Market Instrument
.Intrinsic Value of Share
.Share Valuation
.Dividend Valuation Model
.Valuation of Price (Current)
.Valuation of Price and Return
.Residual Approach
.Holding Period Return
.Dividend and Retention Policy, Public Sector, Treasury Function and Other Developments
.Evaluation of Changes in Market Policy
.Dividend Yield
5.Indian Capital Market (Derivatives)
.Capital Markets
.Index Derivatives
.Option Valuation Techniques
.Factoring and Forfaiting
.Rolling Settlement
.Asset Securitization
.Debt Securitisation
.Participants in Futures and Options Markets
.Types of Government Securities
.Short Notes
Problems and Solutions
.Futures Contract
.Index Future Price
.Long Call Spread
.Short-selling and Return on Investment
.Potential Gain/Loss on the Position Option
.Spot Price
.Margin Call
.Gain from Option
.Pay-off Profile of Strategy
.Pay-off of the Transaction
.Construction of Pay-off Table
.Net Pay-off in Call-Put Option
.Expected Value of Option
.Value of Underlying Contract
.Use of Put-option to Provide Portfolio Insurance
.Gain/Loss on Expiration of Option Price
.Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
.Binomial Model
.Value of Call Options (Binomial Model)
.Value of Call Option under Risk Neutral Method
.Futures Strategy
.Future Price and Arbitrage
.Theoretical Minimum Price and Arbitrage
.Number of Contracts
.Risk Free Arbitrage
.Forward Rate
.Value of Forward Contract
.Generic Swap
.Currency Swap
.Swap Arrangement and Risk
.Floating Rate Swap
.Financial Swaps
.Plain Vanilla Swap
.Put-Call Parity Theorem
.Relationship between Profit and Stock Price
.Butterfly Spread
.Present Value of Convenience Yield
.Risk Neutral Probability Method
.Average Annual Dividend Yield
.IRR and Arbitrage
.Determination of Daily Variation in Margin Account
.Declaration Policy
.Net Cost of Capped Loan
.Annual Return
.Fidelity Guarantee Policy
.Equilibrium Price
.Exponential Moving Average
.Strategy to make Profi t in Future
.Profi t to Investors
.Investor’s Strategy
.Derivatives- Long and Short Position
.Value of European Put Option
.Binomial and Risk Neutralization Model
6. Security Analysis and Bond Valuation
.Fundamental Analysis
.Steps involved in Financial Performance Analysis
.Technical Analysis
.Some Basics of a Bond
.Types of Yield Curves
Problems and Solutions
.YTM and Duration
.Current Market Price, Duration and Volatility
.Relationship between Price and Yield
.Relationship between Yield and Current Price of Bond
.Implicit Rate and Its Relation with Price of the Bond
.Redemption of Debentures
.Decisions to Convert the Debentures or to buy it
.Conversion Premium and Conversion Parity
.Decision Relating to Refunding of the Bond
.Period of Calling Back Debentures
.Current Price, Equivalent Yield and Eff ective Annual Return
.Funding through Equity Shares, and Binding Reasons for Issuance
.Decision related to whether Additional Funds to be Raised through Equity or Debenture
.Relationship between Rate of Interest and Current Price Share
.Indiff erence Price between Two Bonds
.Relationship between Price, Rate of Interest of Bond
.Issue Price of the Bond
.Bond Valuation with Semi Annual Interest Rate
.Calculation of Price of Bond and Yield
.Bond Valuation
7. Portfolio Theory
.The Portfolio
.Phases of Portfolio Management
.Portfolio Theories
.Risk Analysis
.Portfolio Analysis
.Markowitz Model of Risk-return Optimization
.Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
.Arbitrage Pricing Theory
.Sharpe Index Model
.Portfolio Management as an Ongoing Process
.Random Walk Theory
.Security Market Line and Capital Market Line
.Portfolio Strategy
.International Portfolio Management
.Efficient Market Theory (Effi cient Market Hypothesis)
Problems and Solutions
.CAPM and Construction of Portfolio
.Rebalancing of Portfolio
.Beta and Portfolio Return
.Beta and Risk Analysis
.Expected Return and Standard Deviation of Portfolio
.Covariance and Correlation
.Average Return and Risk
.Systematic Risk and Capital Allocation Line
.Security Market Line and Expected Return on Portfolio
.Annual Rate of Return
.Portfolio Analysis
.Valuation of Portfolio
.Calculation of Investment in Portfolio in DifferentConditions
.Cut-off Point and Optimal Portfolio
.Test of Market Effi ciency
.Expected Share Price
.Buy or Sell Decision 543; Stock Weight for Portfolio
.Expected Return and Decision Making
.Alpha Valuation
.Moving Average
.Arbitrage Portfolio
.Accept/Reject the Proposal
.Sharpe, Jensen and Treynor Index
.Portfolio Construction
.Beta and Investment in Risk Free Assets
.Arbitrage Profit
.CAPM and Risk
.Expected Return, Beta and Variance
.Expected Return and Variance
.Systematic and Unsystematic Risk
.Portfolio Return and Variance
.Efficient Market Hypothesis
.SML and Beta
.Standard Deviation, Risk and Return
.Efficient Portfolio
.Characteristic Line and Risk
.Portfolio Management
8. Mutual Funds
.Classifi cation of Mutual Funds
.Constituents of Mutual Fund Organisation
.Mutual Funds Basically Off er the Investors
.Net Asset Value of a Mutual Fund
Problems and Solutions
.Net Asset Value (NAV)
.NAV of the Bond
.Holding Period Return and Net Asset Value
.Annualised Yield, NAV's when Dividends are Reinvested
.Decision Relating to Invest in Different Mutual Funds with Entry Load and Exit Loans
.Different Measures to Evaluate Performance of Mutual Fund
.Evaluation of Portfolio Management Techniques
.Holding Period Return when Dividend, Capital Gain is Distributed and Reinvested
.Reward to Variability
.Deposit in Mutual Fund
.MF Return alongwith Own Invested Return inEquity
.Dividend Reinvestment Plan and AnnualRate of Return
.Effective Yield per annum
.Mutual Fund Earning alongwith Investing in itsown
.Average Return under Different Plan
9. Foreign Exchange Exposure and RiskManagement
.What Is Foreign Exchange?
.Foreign Exchange Market
.Exchange Rate Theories
.Cross Currency Roll Over
.Spot Rate and Forward Rate
.Two Way Quote (Bid Price and Ask Price)
Problems and Solutions
.Exchange Rate Annotation
.Gain or Loss in
.Cross-currency Deal
.Foreign Exchange Rate
.Gain or Loss due to Delay in Remittance
.Exchange Position
.Foreign Exchange Risk Management
.Interest Rate Parity Theory
.Purchase Power Parity Theory
.Futures Contract
.Foreign Exchange Exposure
.Transaction Exposure
.Strategies for Exposure Management
.Hedging: Loan, Letter of Credit & Forward Contract
.Loan and Letter of Credit
.Forward Contract Hedge
.Forward Market and Money Market Hedge
.Borrowing Decision
.Money Market Hedge
.Forward Contract and Interest Rate Swap
.Currency Swap
.Netting of Foreign Exchange Liabilities
.Requirement of Cash Under Two Cash Management
.Break-even Rate
.Cross Currency Exchange Rate
.Return on Investment
.Future Contract and Hedge Efficiency
.Evaluation of a Project
.Forward Exchange Rate
.Spot Rate/Forward Rate Determination
.Leading and Lagging 737; Investment and DTAA
.Joint Venture Decision
.Forward Market Contract
.Money Market Hedge
10. Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
.Mergers and Acquisition (M & A)
.Divestitures and Asset Swaps
.Reasons and Rationale for Mergers and Acquisitions
.Gains from Mergers or Synergy
.The Merger and Acquisition Process
.Acquisition and Takeover
.The Acquisition Process
.Target Valuation for M & A
.Joint Venture
.Mergers and Amalgamations
.Problems and Solutions
.Merger and Gain from Synergy
.Acquisition and Takeover
.Financial Feasibility of Acquisition
.Leveraged Buyout
.Break-up Value Approach
.Financial Reconstruction
11. Valuation of Business
.Value of Share (yield basis)
.Net Income Approach (NI)
.Net Operating Income Approach (NOI)
.The Traditional Approach
.The Modigliani and Miller Approach
.Assumptions of the M&M Capital Structure Model
.The M&M Model with Corporate and Personal Taxes
Problems and Solutions
.Valuation of Business and Financial Analysis
.Valuation in Changing Growth Level Conditions
.Value of Firm to Equity Investors
.Valuation of Project on the Basis of Cash Flows
.Investor's Required Ownership Position
.Valuation using Constant Growth Dividend Valuation Model
.Break-up Valuation Approach
.Comparable Firm Approach
.Valuation when Debt is Expected to Decline
.Valuation of Practice of a Professional
.Valuation of Business on the Basis of Existing Operations and Capitalisation Rate
.Dividend Discount Model
.Valuation of Business under EVA Method
.Alternative Financing Proposals
.Evaluation of New Strategy
12. Right Issue
13. Money Market Operations (Miscellaneous)
.Financial Markets
.Participants in Money Market in India
.Instruments in the Money Market
Problems and Solutions
.Call Money
.Certificate of Deposits
.Treasury Bills
.Commercial Papers
14. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),Foreign Institutional Investment (FII)andInternational FinancialManagement
.Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
.Foreign Institutional Investment (FII)
.The Instruments
.Cross-Border Leasing
.International Capital Budgeting
.International Working Capital Management
15. Financial Services in India
.Investment Banking
.Merchant Banker
.Credit Rating
.Consumer Finance
.Financial Engineering
.Dematerialisation Vs Rematerialisation
.Housing Finance
.Debit Cards
.Online Share Trading
Problems and Solutions
16. Miscellaneous
.Economic Value Added (EVA)
.Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
.Hedge Fund
.Buy Back of Share
Problems and Solutions
.Weighted Average Cost of Capital
.Buy Back of Shares
.Economic Value Added
.Capital Structure and EPS
.Return on Investment and EBIT
.Required Rate of Return on Investment
.Interest Coverage Ratio
.Amount of Yearly Instalment
.Monthly Instalment and Effective IRR
.Conversion of Preference Shares into Equity Shares
.Conversion of Debt into Equity
.Evaluation of Loan Swapping Proposal
.Hedge Fund
.Book Building Process
.Economic Value Added (EVA) & Market Value Added (MVA
Appendix I: Tables
Appendix II: Question Paper – November 2013
Question Paper – May 2014
Question Paper – November 2014

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