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Chalk and Chuckles Shape your Story

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Quick Overview

• A game that brings a twist to oral storytelling. Use the 3 shapes (Circle, Triangle & Square) to draw objects/characters. Let your imagination take a flight and make thousands of stories with drawings.
• Shape your object and create tales that you will never forget!
• A game to enjoy with friends, family or by yourself.
• Game 1:
Be the first to complete your Jack in the Box. Build the tallest Jack in the box without adding more than 2 springs of each colour.

• How to play Game 1: Individual Storytelling (1 player)

• Roll the number and the shape dice to pick your shape cards.
• Draw different objects with the shapes.
• Storytelling: Use the objects that you have drawn to tell a stores

Game 2: Timed Storytelling (2 or more players)

• Take turns to draw and tell stories just like Game 1.
• Time your story (1 minute or more) by using the Sand Timer.
• A complete story must be told in the set time without repetitions or pauses. 

Game 3: Cooperative storytelling

• Shuffle the shape cards and deal an equal number of cards to each player.
• All players must draw on their cards to suit the pre-decided theme or story ending.
• One player starts the story. When S/he mentions a drawn element in the story, s/he discards the card. Any other player can take over the storytelling, if they have the sketched card for an element that is mentioned in the story being told. Play continues until all the cards have been used to complete the story.

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Brand / Publisher Chalk & Chuckles
Age Group (Yrs) 3
Product Includes 1 Shape die ,2 Number dice ,36 Shape Cards , 2 Wipe-erasable markers ,1 Sand Timer
Color Multi-Color
Return Policy 30 Days
Game Type Skill Games
Number of Players 1


Chalk and Chuckles is a brand of interactive and engaging toys/games designed to teach developmental skills. Targeted at children above the age of 3 years, the games are a perfect storm of fun and learning where children imagine, create, discover and explore. They appeal to ‘all minds’ and assist the child’s growth holistically-cognitive, emotional, social, language and motor skills.

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