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Chalk and Chuckles Super Math Spy

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• A game that involves secret missions, decoder glasses and lots of calculation. To be a Super Math Spy these days, you can’t get by with a calculator. You have to be super quick in your mind!

• It is a fun-filled math game that encourages children to make equations and go beyond ""drill and practice"" sums.

• Every player is a spy, and your job is to be the first one to solve your mission cards. Wear your decoder glasses and pick up the fingerprints with numbers (1-9) on them. Make your own 3-4 step equation (using +, -, x and ÷) with the numbers that you pick up, to solve the mission card.

• A die will tell you which operation (+, -, x and ÷) you must use as one part of the equation. Use your strategy and problem solving skills to complete the equation. Be quick or other spies might solve it first.

• Never the same, Super Math Spy is a game you’ll want to play over and over again."

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Brand / Publisher Chalk & Chuckles
Age Group (Yrs) 3
Product Includes 100 mission cards , 27 fingerprint number tokens , 1 wooden die , 4 decoder glasses
Color Multi-Color
Return Policy 30 Days
Game Type Skill Games
Number of Players 2 or 4


Chalk and Chuckles is a brand of interactive and engaging toys/games designed to teach developmental skills. Targeted at children above the age of 3 years, the games are a perfect storm of fun and learning where children imagine, create, discover and explore. They appeal to ‘all minds’ and assist the child’s growth holistically-cognitive, emotional, social, language and motor skills.

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