• Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2014 Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2014

Disha Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2014

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Disha's BESTSELLER "Challenger Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced 2014" is based on the new pattern of JEE and is a must for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Exams. The book has been specially designed to improve your Comprehension and Analytical Skills.

The book contains chapter-wise collection of Most Challenging Questions that will challenge you and put you ahead of the competition. The questions, in each chapter, have been divided into following 6 varieties.

• MCQ’s with one correct option

• MCQ’s with more than one correct option

• Comprehension/Passage based Questions

• Assertion-Reason based questions

• Integer Answer Questions.

• Matching based Questions

It is the only book with special focus on the NEW PATTERN OF JEE.

The book has been aligned as per NCERT books which make it very easy to prepare for JEE for Class XII students.

The book is divided into 27 chapters and contains 3000+ Challenging Problems for JEE divided into 6 varieties based on the new pattern.

The book provides detailed solution of each and every question.

The book is highly popular among the student and teacher fraternity as a lot of similar problems have appeared in the various JEE Main/ AIEEE and JEE Advanced/ IIT-JEE exams.

It is our confidence that if a student solves this book thoroughly he/ she would cover 100% concepts that may be asked in the future JEE Main/ Advanced exams.


1. Trigonometric Functions

2. Complex Numbers

3. Quadratic Equations

4. Miscellaneous Equations & In-equations

5. Permutations & Combinations

6. Binomial Theorem

7. Sequences & Series

8. Straight Lines

9. Pair of Straight Lines

10. Conic Sections - 1 (Circles)

11. Conic Sections - 2 (Parabola)

12. Conic Sections - 3 (Ellipse & Hyperbola)

13. Properties of Triangles

14. Trigonometric Equations & Inverse Trigonometric Functions

15. Functions & Their Graphs

16. Limits & Continuity

17. Differentiation

18. Application of Derivatives-1 (Tangents, Normals, Mean Value Theorem & Rate Measurements)

19. Application Of Derivatives -2 (Monotonocity Functions And Maxima & Minima 

20. Integrals-1 (Indefinite Integration)

21. Integrals-2 (Definite Integral)

22. Application Of Integrals

23. Differential Equations

24. Determinants & Matrices

25. Vector Algebra

26. Three Dimensional Geometry

27. Probability

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Brand / Publisher Disha Publication
ISBN 9789383379026
Author Er. Anoop Srivastava
Pages 780


Brand Information

Disha Publishers, one of the avant garde publishers in India is poised to offer highly comprehensive reference materials, entrance exam books, preparatory books for schools and boards, general competition books and the like.

  1. It is a good book in the subject but not the best in the market. review by Sudarshan on 10/11/2013
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    There are many other good books in the market. But Disha always produces good books.

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