We just got ourselves a Makeover !!!! - ScholarKart.com

We just changed gears & we can not contain our excitement!

ScholarKart is now "Fastudent"! Welcome to the brand-new Fastudent - Helping you Zoom Ahead!

FASTUDENT started out as ScholarKart.com two years back with the intent to solve the accessibility miseries of millions of parents and students. Just 30 months in and we are already amongst India’s fastest growing education portals - a one stop shop for every student - right from play group to post graduation - PG to PG!  The reason for the smile on a million faces - parents, students, teachers, institutions, is now growing evenfaster towards becoming a bigger, better and much larger education portal.

The ride has taken a new turn. It will, no doubt, be faster and more thrilling, but more fun and easier to navigate too. So you can find all the exclusive academic stuff and the coolest trends in the convenience of your room. Buying is easier than ever!

We hope you like the new site as much as we do! There is so much more to come, we can hardly stay still!

Write in to social@fastudent.com and let us know what you think of our makeover.


Can’t Wait!!