• Goodwill A Practical Guide to Hypnotism Goodwill A Practical Guide to Hypnotism

Goodwill A Practical Guide to Hypnotism

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Goodwill A Practical Guide to Hypnotism

No newspaper story is thought to be properly slanted unlesit deals in personalities. The most complethemes are stated in terms oparticular peopleTelevision reinforces the process bappearing to bring every kind of person, famous or unknown, right into theheart of almost everhome.

At the same time so much happens at such a fast pace around us, that even famous people get quicklforgotten. A newgeneration does not know what they looked likeVeroften ihas little incentive to know whathedidAs long as 1906, well-known writer complained that, "history is made faster than it can be recorded." Givethgreatly superior methods of recording, the remark remains trueeven today.

To understand the contemporary framework of referenceit is necessarto know about people from all parts of the world and about scientists and media personalities as much as about writers,leaders and social reformersWhat is happening has to be placed inits context in space and time. Gandhi, Lenin and Marx aras "relevant" as anpeople nearer at home mighbeNewton, Picasso, Einstein influence our lives aleast amuch as anthree politicians.

It is a more fascinating and certainly a more controversial task to select whiclives deserve speciaattention than to pick a test team or to choose the 100 best tunes.

This book is a humble effort to compile life sketches of great men in different fields, so as to act as a source of inspiration and motivation for every individual to excel in his/her field oactivity.

The aim of this book is simple: to give a view of our times through the lives of some of the eminent figures who have most influenced them.

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Brand / Publisher Goodwill
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Leisure Read
Edition 2016
ISBN 9788172452841
Author B.K. Chaturvedi
Language English
Subject English
Pages 200
Binding Paperback


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Goodwill Publishing House is in the business of publishing and distribution, of books since 1965.They publishes trade and general books on subjects like English Improvement, Essay and Letter Writing, Puzzles, IQ and Quiz, Management and Success, Chess, Projects and Experiments, Sudoku, Language Learning, Subject Dictionaries, etc.


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