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Goodwill Standard Book of Model Letters

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Goodwill Standard Book of Model Letters

This book offers you hundreds of social and business letters ready for immediate use as models in your own correspondence. Every letter-writing situation is represented, including both informal and formal personal correspondence and all aspects of standard office practice.

 Here are some of the countless occasions on' which this bookwill give you exactly the advice that you need: You may want asuggestion which will help you to commence or complete a letter to a friend or acquaintance. You may want to check the preferred practice in sending out a formal invitation to awedding or other special occasion, or replying to such an invitation. You may want to find the most appropriate phrasingfor a letter of thanks, of congratulation, of encouragement, or ofcondolence. You may want an example of a concise, courteous,effective letter to a business firm, placing an order, or making a complaint, or canceling an order. You may want guidance in writing a letter applying for work with a certain firm. You may want to equip yourself to write good sales letters or credit letters or collection letters for a firm with which you are connected. You may want to be sure of the preferred form for the address,the salutation, the close, or the signature of a letter.

 The Table of Contents will show you exactly where to find themodel letters which you want for any of the occasions or situations which we have just mentioned. In this connection it should be pointed out that the book is divided into Three Parts.

 Part One deals with the form of a letter, and gives specific information and examples as to exactly how each of the parts of a letter should look. The forms of social letters are taken up first. Then we discuss the forms of business letter. It is important that the reader should become thoroughly familiar with Part One, so as to be ready to apply the instructions given there­ concerning heading, address, salutation, complimentary close, signature and envelope-in making use of the models for the body of the letters given in Parts Two and Three.

 Part Two consists of a great variety of model social letters and model formal and informal invitations and announcements.These are grouped according to the situation or occasion.

 Part Three presents model business letters, grouped accordingto type or purpose, and including letters varying in tone andapproach to meet specific circumstances.

In using this book, the letter writer should select the modelwhich most nearly approximates his requirements, and shouldchange and adapt the model to fit the particular situation. It willseldom seem advisable-except for certain form letters-to copy any letter intact. Especially for personal letters, these models will serve their purpose best if they are used as models only,suggesting the plan and tone and detail that a letter should contain. Lift a phrase, if you will, here and there, or borrow anidea; but try to give your letter the flavour and rhythm and pattern of your way of speaking. If the result is natural, sincere,and unaffected, you have written a good letter. This is particularly true of informal letters. For formal occasions and in certain business situations you will want to follow the models closely.


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Brand / Publisher Goodwill
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Leisure Read
Edition 2016
ISBN 9788172450359
Author Leo J Henkin
Language English
Specialization Education
Subject English
Pages 248
Binding Paperback


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Goodwill Publishing House is in the business of publishing and distribution, of books since 1965.They publishes trade and general books on subjects like English Improvement, Essay and Letter Writing, Puzzles, IQ and Quiz, Management and Success, Chess, Projects and Experiments, Sudoku, Language Learning, Subject Dictionaries, etc.


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