• Gyan Violation of Disability of Rights Gyan Violation of Disability of Rights

Gyan Violation of Disability of Rights

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Gyan Violation of Disability of Rights

various project management assignments. This became a stepping stone for my 'Green Card' to become permanent resident of California which facilitated my PhD studies from an Indian University. The huge well stocked and catalogued libraries of Berkley and San Francisco Universities proved boon, vast store houses of valuable information. A large number of encyclopedia besides numerous rare out-of-print old books to which I had easy access in the Universities of California. I acknowledge with deep gratitude for having made liberal use of vast literature on subjects like Paranormal phenomena, P a r a - Psychology , ' Near Death Experiences', 'Out of Body Experiences', Mysteries, Ghosts-Apparitions, Dreams, Séances , communications with the “ Other Side” via mediums , medical treatment via Regression, Reincarnation, Psychic Sciences, and above all, about DEA TH: We Never Die! Excellent resource on Philosophy of Spiritualism …, About The Author:- Mahinder Gulati born Feb 1931 i n remote village in Pakistan. At age twenty became an officer in Corps of Engineers. Published his first article at age 22: FORTY DAYS AMONG THE LUSHAIS. In compliance with Army rules he started writing under pseudonym, 'Gemini Paul'. Published many articles in social anthropological journals. In 1962 was actively involved in Army operations in NEFA. During 1965 Indo Pak War he was in Lahore-Khemkaran Sector in a Tank Brigade. In 1971 he was on Planning Staff for Bangladesh Operations and was posted at Dacca in mid - December. Was awarded MID ('Mention in Despatch'). Cabinet Division of the Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh appointed Col Gulati as member of Communication Cell of their Government. After finishing his foreign contracts he settled down at Dehradun for Ph.D. Has twelve books to his credit on historical biographical - philosophical subjects besides one in the slippery field of political science. ,Content:- Preface 7 1. Riddles of Nature 11 2. Xenoglossy 17 3. Stonehenge, Mehirs and Dolmen 27 4. Bermuda Triangle 35 5. Shamanism and Shamanic Experiences 39 6. Divination 41 7. Precognition, Premonitions, 53 Predictions and Prophecies 8. Dreams 65 9. Ghosts and Apparitions 73 10. Near Death Experience (NDE) 87 Out of Body Experience (OBE) 11. Hindu Tradition 93 12. Psychic Applications 99 13. Thanatology 117 14. Auras 121 15. Thought Forms 125 16. A Search for the Truth 137 17. Ghosts and Apparitions 141 18. Hello From Heaven 149 19. Shambhala 157 (Imaginary Land of Heavenly Bliss) 20. Totem: Personal Guardian Spirit 161 21. CHÖD 165 A Tibetan Rite of Impermanance Medically Impossible, Totally Unbelievable, Most Unnatural but still TRUE! 22. Tumo 171 (Self Generation of Body Heat) 23. Spirit World 175 24. Evil Forces 183 25. Death - Transition or Terminus? 191 26. Liquor Drinking Gods 205 Spirits Love Spirit 27. Milk Drinking Gods 211 Bibliography 217 Index 225

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Brand / Publisher Gyan Books
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Book Type Text Books
ISBN 9789351280811
Author Prof. Rohini Prasad, Dr. Sukanta Sarkar
Language English
Subject English
Binding Hardback


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Gyan a leading publisher, publishes scholarly books on humanities, social science, information technology, education, defence, encyclopaedia, political science, anthropology, art, biography, history, music, environment, philosophy etc. Gyan is committed to academic books of high potential, in order to flow knowledge from India to the whole world. A world wide network stablished in 1984 , Gyan has come a long way, with over 2500 titles published so far. 

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