• IK Fail-Safe Management: Managing Failure and Success: 2016 Edition  IK Fail-Safe Management: Managing Failure and Success: 2016 Edition

IK Fail-Safe Management: Managing Failure and Success: 2016 Edition

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IK Fail-Safe Management: Managing Failure and Success: 2016 Edition

The objective of this book is to develop an understanding of the reasons for drastic failures, especially by wise people. It is always easier to be wise at the hindsight. Still, fair degree of precautions can be taken to avoid failures.

It takes plenty of efforts and a bit of luck to succeed. It takes a bit of bad luck to fail. It takes super effort to succeed tremendously. But it takes super effort towards stupidity to fail miserably. This book is all about that.

Business schools mainly use case studies of successful people and events for improving students’ learning outcomes. Very rarely one comes across case studies about failed stories. Failures are categorized under contingency planning and are considered as an exception. That is the reason why often students find it difficult to cope with failures in actual life and fail to manage them. This book is an effort to develop capabilities in people to manage failures as well as managing success. What we must understand is that failure is part of a process, it’s a norm of life and success is an exception. This may sound as the new interpretation of the possibility of success, but it will help us to come to terms with our failures in a much better way.

In this book, the author has reinterpreted success and failure. He has strived to study cases from the lives of those who failed miserably. You will find five cases of promoters of reputed companies and five cases involving employees of firms and owners of small companies who messed up with their professional and personal life. Also, the book highlights four cases of those nations which took wrong decisions after the Second World War, and which changed the course of the world’s history. Cases have been selected based on their ability to provide key learning to the readers.

Cases will cover both personality aspect of the protagonist and also background and technical details, which lead to understanding of the reasons for failure and lessons to be learnt from them.

Key Features
• Discusses the topics under three key themes -- Failure of individuals, organizations, and countries.
• Highlights the reasons for failure and provides recommendation to pre-empt failure
• Detailed discussion on ‘Why Do People Fail Miserably?’
• In-depth analysis of corporate fiascos and issues of Corporate Governance
• Critical appraisal of National Fiasco


Part I: Individual
1. Why do People Fail Miserably?
2. Individual Fiascos
3. A Stupid Technocrat
4. The Cunning Stock Broker
5. A Loving Brother
6. An Ambitious Manager
7. Dilemma of a Manager
Part II: Corporate
8. Corporate Fiasco: Issue of Corporate Governance
9. Satyam Fraud: Nemesis of Ramalinga Raju
10. Enron Embezzlement: Nemesis of Skilling
11. Comparative Study of Enron and Satyam
12. Security Scam: Nemesis of Harshad Mehta
13. Dismissed From his Own Company: Nemesis of Steve Jobs
14. Defeated by Overconfidence: Nemesis of Vijay Mallya
Part III: Country
15. National Fiasco
16. Vietnam: Nemesis of America
17. Vietnam: Nemesis of America
18. War in Afghanistan: Nemesis of USSR
19. Civil War in Sri Lanka: Nemesis of India Part IV: Remedy
20. Nemesis of Individuals
21. Nemesis of Companies
22. Nemesis of Countries
23. Conclusion 


MBA Students, Young Managers and Professionals, Corporate Trainers and HR/OB/OD Consultants.

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Brand / Publisher IK International
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Reference Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9789384588694
Author Srinivas Shirur
Language English
Specialization Economics
Subject Management
Pages 210
Binding Paperback


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