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J. Krishnamurti Demystified

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Scores of books in English were prepared during the lifetime of J. Krishnamurti, the great humanist sage of the 20th century.These have been prepared from his talks and discourses delivered throughout the world for over 50 years.

After his death in 1986, functionaries of his three Foundations in the US (Ojai, California), England (Brockwood Park) and Chennai, India, feeling somewhat orphaned without his gracful presence, brought out even more books from what was said by him on different topics.

Strangely enough, the problem of what exactly was the main thrust of his teachings has still not been addressed. 

This book is perhaps the first attempt to gather, in a single volume, almost all significant aspects of his teachings.

Furthermore, with its explanatory discussions ,after reading this book if one were to read any original book of J. Krishnamurti, those books would be more enlightening, clearly understandable and more enjoyable.

It would not be incomprehensible, as is usually the case with most lay readers who venture to read J. Krishnamurti.

This is a book that every admirer of J. Krishnamurti, every lover of philosophy and every seeker of truth, would do well to read.

Some Glimpses:

*Security- `We want to be secure inwardly ,and also spiritually, by erecting walls of belief which are an indication of the craving to be certain.` He argues that to `find out for youself that there is no form of security in any relationship,to realise psychologically that there is nothing permanent,gives a totally different approach to life`.

*Love - `Freedom and love go together...to love is not to ask anything in return...not even to feel you are giving something- and it is only such love that can know freedom.`

*Wisdom - `To understand oneself is the beginning of wisdom.Wisdom does not lie in books,nor in experience...it comes to a mind that is understanding itself, understanding how thought is born.` 

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