• Kataria A Course in Electrical Technology-3-Volume Kataria A Course in Electrical Technology-3-Volume

Kataria A Course in Electrical Technology-3-Volume

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Kataria A Course in Electrical Technology-3 Volume.


  1. Introductory Concepts

  2. Electron Dynamics

  3. Electron Emission

  4. Semiconductor Physics

  5. Junction Diodes

  6. Zeners and Other Two-Terminal Devices

  7. Rectifiers

  8. Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

  9. Field Effect Transistors

  10. Hybrid Parameters

  11. Transistor Biasing and Stabilization

  12. Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers

  13. Amplifier Frequency Response

  14. High-Frequency Transistor

  15. Multistage Amplifiers

  16. Large Signal or Power amplifiers

  17. Feedback in Amplifiers

  18. Tuned Amplifiers

  19. Differential Amplifiers

  20. Sinusoidal Oscillators

  21. Modulation and Demodulation

  22. Optoelectronic Devices

  23. Power Semiconductor Devices

  24. Wave Shaping Circuits

  25. Switching Circuits (Multivibrators)

  26. Integrated Circuits

  27. Operational Amplifiers

  28. Waveform Generations and Nonlinear Circuits

  29. The 555 IC Timer

  30. Active Filters

  31. Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)

  32. Regulated and Switching Power Suppliers

  33. Number Systems and Codes

  34. Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra

  35. • Logic Circuits

  36. • Digital Logic Families

  37. • Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital Converters

  38. • Microcomputers and Microprocessors

  39. • Electronic (Analog as well as Digital) instruments

  40. • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

  41. Objective Type Questions

  42. Appendices

  43. Index

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Brand / Publisher S.K. Kataria & Sons
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Text Books
Edition 2011
ISBN 9788188458740
Author J.B Gupta
Language English
Study Stream Engineering
Subject Engineering
Pages 925
Binding Paperback


Brand Information

S.K. Kataria & Sonsstarted their publication in 1969 and are amongst the highest Publishers of Engineering and Computer Books . Their books are imparting versatile knowledge to the readers and leads the students from the chaos and confusion to the crystal clear world of wisdom and knowledge.Their success is attributed to : 

  1. Selection of authors who have a profound knowledge and experience in the area of their works.
  2. Exam oriented package programmers for the students and teachers in all our books.
  3. Easy and simple language system diligently used in all our books.
  4. Solved problems and questioners added for the extra benefit of the students.
  5. The quality printing and diagrams
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