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Steel Tables


  1. Preface

  2. Symbols

  3. Tables

  4. Round Bars

  5. Square Bars

  6. Strips

  7. Mild Steel Flats (Cross-sectional Area)

  8. Mild Steel Flats (Weight)

  9. Plates (Surface Area)

  10. Plates (Weights of 5 mm Plates)

  11. Plates (Weights of 6 mm Plates)

  12. Plates (Weights of 8 mm Plates)

  13. Plates (Weights of 10 mm Plates)

  14. Plates (Weights of 12 mm Plates)

  15. Plates (Weights of 14 mm Plates)

  16. Plates (Weights of 18 mm Plates)

  17. Plates (Weights of 22 mm Plates)

  18. Sheets

  19. Rolled Steel Angles Equal in Size

  20. Rolled Steel Angles Unequal in Size

  21. Rolled Steel Tee Bars

  22. Rolled Steel Beams

  23. Rolled Steel Channels

  24. Areas of Round Bars in Per Metre

  25. Width of Slabs for Different Spacings

  26. Areas of Groups of Round Bars

  27. Reduction for Area for Rivet Holes

  28. Rivet Gauge Distances in Legs in Angles

  29. Properties of Two Equal Angles Back to Back

  30. Properties of Two Unequal Angles (Longer

  31. Legs Back to Back)

  32. Properties of Two Unequal Angles (Shorter

  33. Legs Back to Back)

  34. Properties of Starred Angles (Two Equal  

  35. Angles Starred)

  36. Properties of Starred Angles (Two Unequal

  37. Angles Starred)

  38. Properties of Starred Angles (Two Unequal

  39. Angles Starred)

  40. Single Joist With Additional Plates on both Flanges (for using as girders)

  41. Single Joist with Channel and Plates on both

  42. Flanges (for using as girders)

  43. Single Joist with additional Plates on both Flanges (for using as columns)

  44. Double Joists with Flanges Butting and

  45. Welded Toe to Toe (for using as columns)

  46. Double Joists Laced or Battened (for using as columns)

  47. Double channels with Flanges Butting

  48. and Welded Toe to Toe (for using as columns)

  49. Double channels with Flanges Butting

  50. and Welded Toe to Toe (for using as columns)

  51. Double channels Laced or Battened (for using as columns)

  52. Safe loads for Single Angle Struts-Equal Angles 

  53. (single bolted or single riveted end connections)

  54. Safe loads for Single Angle Struts-Unequal Angles

  55.  (double bolted or single riveted end connections)

  56. Safe loads for Single Angle Struts-Equal Angles

  57. (doble bolted or double riveted end connections)

  58. Safe loads for Single Angle Struts-Unequal Angles

  59. (double bolted or double riveted end connections)

  60. Safe Concentric loads on Rolled Steel column

  61. sections (H-Beams being used as columns)

  62. Safe concentric loads on Channel Sections (being used as columns)

  63. Moment of Inertia of two Flanges per

  64. centimetre width about the x-x axis

  65. Moment of Intertia of one web plate about its x-x axis

  66. Preferred cut sizes of Structural Timber

  67. for Roof Tissues (3 to 20 m)

  68. Safe permissible stresses for Indian Timbers

  69. (Standared Grade)

  70. Reinforcement Percentage & Moment factor for

  71. Beams (Singly reinforced rectangular sections)

  72. Reinforcement Percentage & Moment factor for

  73. Beams (Doubly reinforced rectangular sections)

  74. Reinforcement Percentage & Moment

  75. factor for Beams (Singly reinforced Tsections)

  76. Recommended clear span to effective

  77. Depth ratios in beams

  78. Moment capacity and steel area (Singly

  79. reinforced rectangular sections)

  80. Additional Moment Carrying capacity

  81. (Doubly reinforced rectangular sections)

  82. Moment capacity (Per metre flange width of T-beam)

  83. Shear capacity of concrete

  84. Strength of shear reinforcement

  85. (Two leg vertical stirrups 10 mm diameter)

  86. Strength of shear reinforcement (Bent up bars)

  87. Clear span to effective depth ratios in slabs

  88. Recommended values)

  89. Minimum reinforcement in slabs

  90. Reinforcement factor for slabs (Permetre width of slabs)

  91. Moment capacity (per metre width of two way slabs)

  92. Annexure I: S.I. Units for Structural Engineers

  93. Annexure II: Conversion factors for S.I. Units

  94. Annexure III: Conversion Table kgf to newtons

  95. Annexure IV: Conversion table newtons to kgf

  96. Annexure V: Guidelines for detailing of members

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