Laxmi Classical Electrodynamics

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The new edition of this work on classical electrodynamics has been completely revised and updated to include recent experimental developments, ranging from new versions of the Michelson-Morley experiment to laser experiments on "frozen light". The book can be used in standard undergraduate courses in electrodynamics and is also suitable as a reference for practicing physicists and engineers; it provides a basis for further study in classical and quantum electrodynamics, telecommunications, radiation, antennas, astrophysics, etc.
Paying close attention to the experimental evidence as the basis for its theoretical development, the book's first five chapters follow the traditional introduction to electricity : vector calculus, electrostatic field and potential, boundary-value problems, dielectrics, and electric energy. Chapters 6 and 7 provide an overview of the physical foundations of special relativity and of the four-dimensional tensor formalism. In chapter 8, the union of Coulomb's law with the laws of special  relativity leads to the relativistic form of Maxwell's equations. The book concludes with applications of Maxwell's equations
in chapters 9 through 16: magnetostatics, induction, materials, electromagnetic waves, radiation, waveguides, and scattering and diffraction. Numerous examples and excercises are included.


  • Designed as a text/reference for students, practicing physicists, and engineers.

  • Includes many topics of current interest, such as self-energy, magnetic monopoles, spin angular momentum in electromagnetic waves, dielectric waveguides, cherenkov effect, a discussion of the concept of negative oscillator strengths, and a new section dealing with lasers and the threshold condition for lasing.

  • Emphasizes electromagnetism as a relativistic theory. This leads to a deeper understanding of the theoritical structure of Maxwell's equations, by establishing that these equations are different aspects of an underlying tensor equation

  • Features up-to-date information on crucial experiments, a through introduction to four-tensors and four-dimensional notation, and a complete chapter on the theory of scattering and diffraction


1.    Vector Calculus
2.    Electrostatics
3.    The Boundary-Value Problem
4.    Dielectrics
5.    Electric Energy
6.    The Theory of Special Relativity
7.    Vector Calculus in Spacetime
8.    Relativistic Electrodynamics
9.    Magnetostatics
10.  Electromagnetic Induction
11.  Magnetic Dipoles and Magnetic Materials
12.  Electromagnetic Waves
13.  Radiation by a Point Charge
14.  Radiation by a System of Charges
15.  Resonant Cavities and Waveguides
16.  Scattering and Diffraction
       Appendix 1 : Fundamentals Constants
       Appendix 2 : Correspondence Between CGS and SI Units
       Answers to Even-Numbered Problems

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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
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ISBN 8131800792
Author Hans C. Ohanian
Language English
Subject Electronics
Pages 620
Binding Paperback


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