Laxmi Comprehensive Practical Biology 11 (Hindi Medium)

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Part I : Introduction
1.    Introduction
2.    Use and Care of Microscope
3.    Laboratory Chemicals
4.    Laboratory Techniques

Part II : Core Experiments
1.    Study and Description of the Flowers
2.    Preparation and Study of Transverse Sections of Monocot and Dicot Stems and Roots
3.    Study of Osmosis
4.    Study of Plasmolysis
5.    Distribution of Stomata on the Two Surfaces of Leaf
6.    Rate of Transpiration
7.    Test for Carbohydrated, Proteins and Fats and their Detection in Suitable Plant and Animal Materials
8.    Paper Chormatography
9.    Rate of Respiration
10.  Action of Salivary Amylase on Starch
11.  Urine Test

Part III : Experiments for Spotting
1.    Study of the Parts of a Compound Microscope
2.    Study of Specimens and Identification with Reasons
3.    Study of Characters of Animal Specimens and Identification with Reasons
4.    Study of Plant Tissues from Prepared Slides
5.    Study of Animal Tissues-Squamous Epithelium, Muscle Fibres, Nerve Cells and Mammalian Blood Film through
        Temporary/Permanent Slides
6.    Study of Mitosis in Onion Root Tip and Animal Cell (Grasshopper)
7.    Study of Different Modification in Roots, Stems and Leaves
8.    Study and Identification of Different Types of Inflorescence
9.    Imbibition
10.  Study and Comments on Experimental Set-up
11.  Study and Identification of Human Bones and Joints
12.  Study of External Morphology of Earthworm, Cockroach and Frog through Models

Part IV : Investigatory Projects
1.    Study of the Effect of Fertilizers on the Rate of Germination, Elongation of Hypocotyl and the Length of Roots
2.    To Study Competition Between Weeds and Crops
3.    Study of Effects of Antibiiotics on Microorganisms
4.    To Study the Breaking of Dormancy of Seeds by KNO3, Ethylene and Cytokinin
5.    To Study Deficiency Symptoms of Various Essential Elements and Minerals
6.    Study of the Effect of Light and Gravity on Plant Growth Movements
7.    Study of the Effect of 2, 4-D on Translocation Process
8.    Study of the Effect of Gibberellin on Seed Germination and Shoot Alongation
9.    Study of the Effect of a Herbicide on Lawn Weed
10.  To Study of Dispersal of Seeds by Various Agencies
11.  Comparative Study of the Chlorophyll Content in Five Different Species of Plants
12.  To Sudy the adaptability of Cockroaches to Drastic Environmental Changes Such as
      (i) Absence of Plant and Animal Food, (ii) Cold Condition and (iii) High Concentration of Carbon Dioxide
13.  To Study of Developmental Stages of Housefly/ Cockroach
14.  To Study of the Effect of Osmotic Stress by Administration of Hypertonic Saline in Frog
15.  To Study of Locomotion and Role of Different Fins in Fishes
16.  To Study of Zooplanktons from Fres Water Ponds and Tanks

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Author Dr. J. P. Sharma, Dr. M. P. Mishra
Language English
Subject Biology
Pages 273
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