• Laxmi Comprehensive Practical Biology 12 Hindi Medium Laxmi Comprehensive Practical Biology 12 Hindi Medium

Laxmi Comprehensive Practical Biology 12 Hindi Medium

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Laxmi Comprehensive Practical Biology 12 Hindi Medium

Dr. J. P. Sharma : Dr. J.P. Sharma earned master's degree in Botany and afterthis, Ph.D in 1981 from Agra University, Agra. He taught biosciences and environmental science for about 40 years at Agra College Agra, Hindu College, Sonepat and Hindu College of Pharmacy, Sonepat. Dr. Sharma has published several research papers in leading journals of national and international repute. He is an active member of a number of scientific societies. He has written several books on biosciences and environmental science. Presently, he is actively engaged in writing books on various disciplines of biosciences and preparing students for various competitive examinations.

Part I : Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Use and Care of Microscope
3. Laboratory Chemicals
4. Laboratory Techniques

Part II : Core Experiments
1. Stusy of Pollen Germination and Growth of Pollen Tube
2. Study of Physical Properties of Different Soils
3. Study of Chemical Properties and pH of Different Soils
4. Water-Holding Capacity of Soils
5. Percolation of Water in Silt, Loam and Clay Soil
6. Study of Water Pollution
7. Presence of Pollutants in Air
8. Study of Plant Population
9. Study of Adaptations of Flowers of Pollination
10. Study of Pollen Germination
11. Study of Gamete Development
12. Study of Meiosis in Floral Bude of Onion and Testesof Grasshopper
13. Study of Blastula
14. Analysis of Seed Samples to Study Mandelian Ratios
15. Study of Pedigree Charts Prepared for Hereditary Traits
16. Exercises on Controlled Pollination
17. Study of Common Disease Causing Organisms
18. Adaptations of Plants and Animals Found in Xerophytic conditions
19. Adaptations of Plants and Animals Found in Aquatic Conditions
20. Homologous and Analogous Organs

Part III : Investigatory Projects
1. Study of Effects of Antibiotics on Microorganisms
2. Study of Apical Dominance in Potato and Coleus
3. Study of Pollen Structure and Calculation of Pollen Viability
4. Study of Rates of Pollen Germination of Various Species in Sugar and Boron Solution
5. The Study of Dispersal of Seeds by Various Agencies
6. Study of Canopy Architecture of Trees
7. Study of the Effect of Avenue Trees on Temperature Under Canopy & Outside
8. Study of Pollination in Sun-Flower and Legumes
9. Comparative Study of the Chlorophyll Content in Five Different Species of Plants
10. Study of Frog's Toad's Ovary During Breeding Season to Identify the Stages of Maturation of Ova
11. Study of Metamorphosis of Frog's Tadpole Trough Specimens
12. Study of Developmental Stages of Housefly/Cockroach
13. Study of Drug Resistance in Bacteria Using Antibiotics
14. Study of Coagulable and Non-coagulable milk-proteins

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ISBN 9788131805107
Author Dr. J. P. Sharma, Dr. M. P. Mishra
Language Hindi
Subject Biology
Pages 154
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