Laxmi Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

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Quantum computers are the proposed centerpieces of a revolutionary, 21st-century quantum information technology. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in modern quantum physics, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: From Photons to Quantum Computers takes the reader into the fascinating world of quantum mechanics and continues on an in-depth study of quantum information and quantum computing, including an entire chapter on the future of quantum technology. This accessible text with modern applications focuses on what is 'quantum' about quantum mechanics; topics discussed include the EPR paradox, entanglement, teleportation, Bell's Theorem, quantum computing, and code-breaking with quantum computers.

  • Focuses on the 'non-classical' aspects of quantum mechanics, such as EPR correlations and Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance,' without neglecting the 'machinery' of quantum mechanics

  • Contains chapters on modern quantum topics, including interaction-free measurement, quantum factoring, and quantum computing, not found in traditional quantum mechanics textbooks


  • Discusses the process of teleportation; no longer science fiction, but firmly grounded in experimentation

  • Presents key quantum algorithms, such as the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, Shor's factoring algorithm, and Grover's database search algorithm, that demonstrate how quantum computers rival traditional computers

  • Contains an in-depth chapter that presents, quantitatively, the physics of an actual quantum computer

  • Include numerous exercises at the end of each section to evaluate the acquired knowledge


1.    Photons
2.    Wave-Particle Duality
3.    The Machinery of Quantum Mechanics
4.    Measurement
5.    Interaction-Free Measurements
6.    EPR Paradox
7.    Classical and Quantum Information
8.    Quantum Computing
9.    Classical Cryptology
10.  Quantum Factoring
11.  Ion-Trap Quantum Computers
12.  Outlook

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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
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ISBN 9789380298597
Author Reinhold Blumel
Language English
Board CBSE
Specialization Mechanics
Subject Engineering
Pages 344
Binding Paperback


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