Laxmi Learning VB.Net Through Applications

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This book/CD-ROM package teaches Visual Basic.NET programming by showing the user how to create practical applications. Instead of reading chapter after chapter on individual topics, you'll focus on developing complete, self-contained project - beginning with an explanation of the concepts and followed by the complete source code.

Key Features

  • Learn to programs in Visual Basic.NET while creating projects, including and MP3 player, encryption, DIRECTX 8.1 graphics, sending E-mail, a Microsoft Agent Active X Control and many others.

  • Includes material on migrating to Visual Basic.NET and basics of the .NET framework, especially as it compares to previous versions of VB

  • Extensive material on mathematics and random number functions, object-oriented programming in Visual Basic.NET, Strings, GDI+, and Error handling

  • CD-ROM is loaded with source code, graphics, and project files.


Chapter 1    : Introduction to Visual Basic.Net
Chapter 2    : Working with VB.Net
Chapter 3    : Basics of the .Net Framework
Chapter 4    : Introduction to the VB.Net Language
Chapter 5    : Object-Oriented Programming with VB.Net
Chapter 6    : Strings, GDI+, and Error Handling in VB.Net
Chapter 7    : Math and Random Number Functions in VB.Net
Chapter 8    : Your First Program
Chapter 9    : Console Application Input/Output
Chapter 10  : Sorting in VB.Net
Chapter 11  : Your First Windows Form Application
Chapter 12  : VB Calculator
Chapter 13  : Using WMI to Retrive Information About Your PC
Chapter 14  : File and Folder Browser
Chapter 15  : Filewatcher
Chapter 16  : Sending Email in .Net
Chapter 17  : MDI Web Browser
Chapter 18  : Accessing the Registry in VB.Net
Chapter 19  : Retriving Web Page Source From the Internet
Chapter 20  : .Net Slots
Chapter 21  : Word Processor
Chapter 22  : Encryption and Decryption
Chapter 23  : Screen Capture
Chapter 24  : Drawing with VB.Net
Chapter 25  : Drag-and-Drop Image Conversions
Chapter 26  : Creating an MP3 Player
Chapter 27  : Form Effects
Chapter 28  : Finding Prime Numbers
Chapter 29  : Printing in VB.Net
Chapter 30  : Getting Started with Microsoft Agent
Chapter 31  : More Microsoft Agent
Chapter 32  : DirectX Graphics in VB.Net


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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
Return Policy 30 Days
ISBN 8170083567
Author Clayton Crooks
Language English
Subject Computer Science
Pages 469
Binding Paperback


Brand Information

Laxmi Publications is a privately held publishing company and is one of the leading publishers of Engineering, Computers, College, School (CBSE Board) and Children books in India and abroad. It has following subsidiaries and imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational and professional books market.

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