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Laxmi Quantum Mechanics

Prologue: What is quantum mechanics?
I. Mathematical Preliminaries
1. The Direct delta function
2. Fourier transforms
II Basic Quantum Mechanics
3. Particles and waves and the uncertainty principle
4. Time dependent Schrodinger equation
5. Propagation of wave packets and concept group velocity
6. Bound state solutions of the Schrodinger equation
7. Linear harmonic oscillator: I
8. One-dimensional barrier transmission problems
9. Angular Momentum I - the spherical harmonics
10. Spherically symmetric potentials
11. Dirac's bra and ket algebra
12. Linear harmonic oscillator II
13. Angular momentum II
14. Experiments with spin half particles
15. Angular momentum III
16. The double-well potential and the Kronig-Penney model
17. The JWKB approximation
18. Addition of angular momenta: The Clebsch-Gordan coefficients
19. Time independent perturbation theory
20. Effective of magnetic field
21. The variational method
22. The helium atom and the exclusion principle
23. Some select topics
24. Elementary theory of scattering
25. Time dependent perturbation theory
26. The semi-classical theory of radiation and the Einstein coefficients
27. The quantum theory of radiation and its interaction with matter
28. Relativistic theory
29. Many-electron atoms

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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
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Book Type Reference Books
Edition Fifth
ISBN 9789351382966
Author Ajoy Ghatak, S.Lokanathan
Language English
Subject Physics
Pages 788
Binding Paperback


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