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Red Hat Linux- The Compete Bible  is the beginner tool to grasp core concepts and gain an in-depth understanding of Red Hat Linux 9. The chapters are an excellent guide for installing, configuring and customizing the Linux desktop for those exploring Linux for the first time.

The book commences with the basics of Linux, a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds. It was initiated under General Public Licenses and its antecedent is freely available for research and experiment.

This book is for readers aware of the modus operandi of the cardinal principles of the operating standard and a basic know-how of the operating systems and the objectives of using them.

This book explores different aspects of Linux. It is divided into six sections:

Part I - The Basics of Red Hat Linux 9
Part II - Working with Open Office.org
Part III - Linux Programming
Part IV - Administering Linux
Part V - Implementing Open LDAP
Part VI - Securing Linux Platform and Applciations

Red Had Linux - The Complete Bible is indeed a "Bible" on Linux. Each page will make you want to explore further in the ocean called Red Hat Linux.


Part I - The Basics of Red Hat Linux 9
1.    Overview of Linux
2.    Installing Red Hat Linux 9
3.    Exploring Red Hat Linux 9
4.    Working with Redirection, Pipes and Filters
5.    Working with Text Editors
6.    Working with Shell Scripts
7.    Working with GNOME Desktop
8.    Working with KDE Desktop

Part II - Working with OpenOffice.org
9.    Getting Started with OpenOffice.org
10.  Using OpenOffice.org Writer Tool
11.  Using OpenOffice.org Math Tool
12.  Using OpenOffice.org Impress Tool
13.  Using OpenOffice.org Draw Tool
14.  Using OpenOffice.org Calc Tool
15.  Database Support in OpenOffice.Org
16.  Advanced Features of OpenOffice.org

Part - III Linux Programming
17.  Shell Programming in Linux
18.  C Programming Using GCC
19.  C++ Programming in Linux
20.  Using Flex and Bison in Linux
21.  Programming in Perl
22.  Programming in PHP
23.  Using Tcl/Tk in Linux
24.  Network Programming in Linux
25.  Error Handling and Debugging
26.  Overview of Linux Kernel
27.  Programming X Window System Applications

Part IV - File Systems and Disk Management
28.  File Systems and Disk Management
29.  Administering Linux Users and Groups
30.  Administering Printers in Red Hat Linux 9
31.  Network Connectivity
32.  Working with Network File System (NFS)
33.  Working with Samba
34.  The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
35.  Domain Name Server
36.  Configuring Apache Web Server
37.  Managing System Security

Part V - Implementing OpenLDAP
38.  Planning Directory Services
39.  Introducting LDAP and Data Designing
40.  Designing Directory Schema and Namespace
41.  Desigining Directory Topology and Replication
42.  Configuring OpenLDAP Server and Client
43.  Planning for Security
44.  Implementing Security
45.  NIS, Samba and OpenLDAP
46.  Working with Multiple OpenLDAP Servers
47.  Resolving Cross-Platform Issues

Part VI - Securing Linux Platform and Applications
48.  Securing Linux Installing and Boot Process
49.  Handling Common Security Issues and Vulnerabilities
50.  Common Issues with Users and Management
51.  Securing Network Services
52.  Securing FTP and Mail Services
53.  Auditing Techniques in Linux

Appendix A: Installing and Troubleshooting Red Hat Linux 9
Appendix B: Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
Appendix C: Enhancements Made in Red Hat Linux 9
Appendix D: Installing OpenOffice
Appendix E: Fedora: An Overview
Appendix F: Introducing Open Source Software and GPL

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