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Many A+ certification guides prepare aspiring PC technicians to pass the exam, but don't put test objectives in a "practical use" context. Other PC repair guides cover A+ exam objectives in a real-world setting, but don't prepare students well enough to pass the test and get certified. The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook solves this problem by combining a complete test preparation for the new A+ examinations (220-301 and 220-302) with a hands-on guide that reflects how the A+ exam questions apply to real-world PC repair problems. The book teaches users how to install and troubleshoot hardware, and provides solutions to common operating system-related problems for machines running Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, 2000, and XP. Each chapter includes numerous diagrams and photographs, and explains PC repair techniques using easy-to-understand language and accessible terms. For each chapter explaining these PC repair tactics, another chapter is included on how to pass the corresponding protion of the A+ exam, with objectives and sample exam questions based on the actual tests. Test-taking techniques are also covered, including the test's recent return to conventional linear testing, as opposed to the adaptive format of previous years. The book's companion CD-ROM contains video tutorials that illustrate PC repair techniques, and full-length, timed, 80-question conventional practice test covering both modules (Core Hardware and OS Technology) of the A+ certificate exam.


    • Covers all of the CompTIA 2003 A+ objectives for exam 220-301 and 220-302

    • Discusses the repair of personal computers running Windows 9x, Millennum, 2000, and XP with numerous photographs and diagrams showing how to perform various tasks

    • Integrates sample A+ exam questions after the appropriate PC repair chapters

    • Includes a companion CD-ROM with 320 A+ Certification review questions, timed tests, video tutorials, beep codes, and industry contacts

    • Selected Topics : Part I PC Repair and Maintenance; System Configuration and Computer Hygiene; Motherboards and Their Components; Cases and Power Supplies; Memory (RAM); Magnetic Disk Drives; CD and DVD Drives; Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters; Input Devices; Troubleshooting Internet Connections; Troubleshooting; MS-DOS and 32-bit commands; Part II: The A+ Certification Exams : A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Study Guide (Exam 220-301); Motherboards, Power BIOS, and Expansion Buses; Processors and Cache; Understanding Memory; System Resources and Input Devices; Basic Output Devices; Storage Devices and Interfaces; Cables, Connectors, and Ports; Basic Networking; A+ Operating Systems Technologies Study Guide (Exam 220-302); Operating Systems Fundamentals and DOS; Windows 9x; Windows NT; Windows 2002; Windows Me; Windows XP; Practical Glossary



PART I : PC Repair and Maintenance
1.   Overview
2.   System Configuration and Computer Hygiene
3.   Motherboards and Their Components
4.   Cases and Power Supplies
5.   Memory (RAM)
6.   Mangentic Disk Drives
7.   CD and DVD Drives
8.   Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters
9.   Input Devices
10. Troubleshooting Internet Connections
11. Troubleshooting
12. Things Not to Do with a Computer
13. Command-line Tutorial : MS-DOS and 32-Bit Commands : A Practical Tutorial and Reference
PART II The A+ Certification Exams
14. Introduction to the A+ Certification Exams
PART II A : A+Core Hardware Service Technician Study (Exam 220-301)
15. Motherboards, Power, BIOS, and Expansion Buses
16. Processors and Cache
17. Understanding Memory
18. System Resources and Input Devices
19. Basic Output Devices
20. Storage Devices and Interfaces
21. Cables, Connectors, and Ports
22. Basic Networking
Part II B : A+ Operating Systems Technologies Study (Exam 220-302)
23. Operating System Fundamental and DOS
24. Windows 9x
25. Windows NT
26. Windows 2000
27. Windows Me
28. Windows XP

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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
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Subject Computer Science
Pages 868
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Laxmi Publications is a privately held publishing company and is one of the leading publishers of Engineering, Computers, College, School (CBSE Board) and Children books in India and abroad. It has following subsidiaries and imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational and professional books market.

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