Laxmi Topics in Mathematics II (Bangalore University, Karnataka)

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The Underlying object of this book is to provide the reader with the thorough understanding of topics included in the syllabus of mathematics for B.A./B.Sc. students. The salient features of the book are as follows:
* It easily covers the prescribed syllabus. Nothing undesirable has been included and nothing essential has been left.
* Its approach is explanatory and language is lucid and communicable.
* The exposition of the subject matter is systematics and the students are better prepared to prove the problems.
* All fundamentals of the included topics are explained with a micro-analyis.
* Sufficient number of solved examples have been given to let the students understand the various skills necessary to solve the problems. These examples are well-graded.
* Unsolved excercises of multi-varieties have been given in a well graded style. Attempting these on their own, will enable a student to create confidence and independence in him/her regarding the understanding of the subject.
* Daily life problems and practical applications have been incorporated in the body of the text.
* A large number of attractive and accurate figures have been drawn which enable a student to grasp the subject in an easier way.
* All the answers have been checked and verified.


Unit I (Matrices)
1. Rank of Matrix; 2. Solution of System of Linear Equations; 3. Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors

Unit II (Differential Calculus)
1. Tangents and Normals in Polar-Coordinates; 2. Curvature; 3. Envelopes; 4. Asymptotes; 5. Concavity, Convexity, Points of Inflexion and Singular Points; 6.. Curve Tracing

Unit III (Integral Calculus)
1. Determination of Plane Areas (Quadrature); 2. Determination of Lengths (Rectification)' 3. Determination of Volumes and Surfaces of Solids of Revolution

Unit IV (Differential Equations)
1. Differential Equations of the First Order and the First Degree; 2. Equations of the First Order, But not of the First Degree; 3. Singular Solution and Orthogonal Trajectories

Model Test Papers (Solved)
Model Test Paper 1 to 5

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Brand / Publisher Laxmi
Return Policy 30 Days
Edition First
ISBN 8170087309
Author Manish Goyal
Language English
Subject Mathematics
Pages 456
Binding Paperback


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Laxmi Publications is a privately held publishing company and is one of the leading publishers of Engineering, Computers, College, School (CBSE Board) and Children books in India and abroad. It has following subsidiaries and imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational and professional books market.

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