• MTG JEE Main Chemistry for JEE Main 2016 Examination MTG JEE Main Chemistry for JEE Main 2016 Examination
  • JEE Main Chemistry 2016 JEE Main Chemistry 2016

MTG JEE Main Chemistry for JEE Main 2016 Examination

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MTG JEE Main Chemistry for JEE Main 2016 Examination

This 2016 Edition book covers the following topics :


    • Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 

    • States of matter 

    • Atomic Structure 

    • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 

    • Chemical Thermodynamics 

    • Physical and Chemical Equilibrium 

    • Ionic Equilibrium 

    • Solid State 

    • Solutions and Colligative Properties 

    • Redox Reactions 

    • Electrochemistry 

    • Chemical Kinetics 

    • Nuclear Chemistry 

    • Surface Chemistry


    • Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 

    • Metallurgy 

    • Hydrogen and its Compounds 

    • Group-1 Elements (Alkali Metals) 

    • Group-2 Elements (Alkaline Earth Metals) 

    • Group-13 Elements (Boron Family) 

    • Group-14 Elements (Carbon Family) 

    • Group-15 Elements (Nitrogen Family) 

    • Group-16 Elements (Oxygen Family) 

    • Group-17 Elements (Halogen Family) 

    • Group 18 Elements (Noble Gases) 

    • d- and f-Block Elements 

    • Coordination Compounds and Organometallics

  • Organic Chemistry

    • Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds 

    • Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry 

    • Isomerism 

    • Hydrocarbons 

    • Organic Compounds Containing Halogens 

    • Alcohols and Phenols 

    • Ethers 

    • Aldehydes and Ketones 

    • Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives 

    • Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 

    • Polymers 

    • Biomolecules 

    • Chemistry in Everyday Life 

    • Environmental Chemistry 

    • Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

  • JEE Main 2015 (Online and Offline)

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Brand / Publisher MTG
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Text Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9789385966156
Author Bindu Mangla
Language English
Class Class XI, Class XII
Subject Chemistry
Chapters 42
Pages 1284
Binding Paperback


Brand Information

The Mathematics Today Group, now registered as MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in education publishing business in India catering to the needs of IIT and PMT aspirants. It publishes five monthly magazines viz. Mathematics Today, Physics for You, Chemistry Today, Biology Today and Current Currents and other relevant educational books.

  1. Good objective book that i saw review by Manjunath on 11/10/2013
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    Good to work out

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