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Mysteries Around Ufos & Aliens

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Unidentified flying objects have always been things of great curiosity and amazement for mankind. Scientists around the world are still researching on this subject and are quite puzzled as to whether UFOs exist or not. 

This book is an interesting and thrilling collection of live encounters with aliens travelling in special aircraft emitting bright orange or yellow lights. Sometimes, strange creatures with peculiar skin and colour have been seencoming out of these flying saucers.These encounters have been with common people such as farmers, housewives,children playing in a park, movie actresses, doctors and scientists themselves!There have also been reports of kidnapping and accidents caused by theseother world visitors from different planets or satellites.

However, all these exciting sightings have one sad ending-their sudden disappearance in thin air! 
Read on, to unveil this mystery!! 

Vikas Khatri was born in Saskatoon, Canada, in 1970. He has inherited quite a number of traits from his parents who have worked and lived in 40 different countries across the globe. Besides being a professional wildlife photographer, he is a strong advocate of environmental pollution control. Decline in international fauna and flora is his main concern. He has travelled to many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He is a culinary connoisseur, philatelist and a numismatist.

He has already contributed about 2000 articles on various subjects in several national magazines and newspapers. After writing a number of books for both adults and children, he became a household name with the publication in 2005 of a set of books on world folktales.
He has written several books including many on supernatural powers. His publications include Endangered Animals of the World, Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe, True Coincidences, Alien Abductions, Incredible Coincidences, Mysterious Monsters, Unbelievably True Ghosts & Spooky Incidents, Dreams and Premonitions, etc.


UFO and Bigfoot

One night in February 1974, the sounds outside her home startled a Pennsylvanian woman. Not taking any chances, she went to the front door armed with a gun and cautiously stepped out onto the porch. Suddenly, she was confronted by a flesh-and-blood bigfoot-like creature, two metres away. When she shot the gun, aiming for his middle, she was astonished to see it disappear in a burst of light.

Having heard the shot, the woman's son-in-law rushed to her aid. Once outside, he saw other bigfoot creatures at the edge of the nearby woods. Hovering overhead was a bright red flashing light.

There have been a number of cases in which both the UFOs and the Bigfoot have been sighted at the same time and in the same area. Another case involving the humanoid creatures and the UFOs took place on a farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A twenty-two-year-old farmer's son named Stephen went to investigate a large, bright red luminous ball sighted one night in October 1973. He and the two ten-year-old boys, who accompanied him saw the object hovering close to the ground. Nearby, there were two tall, apelike creatures with green glowing eyes and long, dark hair. When they began to approach the threesome, Stephen fired a shot over their heads. When the creatures continued moving forward, Stephen fired three more times, hitting the largest creature. The UFO suddenly disappeared, and the hairy creatures turned around and walked into the woods.

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