• New Age Experiments in Basic Electrical Engineering New Age Experiments in Basic Electrical Engineering

New Age Experiments in Basic Electrical Engineering

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New Age Experiments in Basic Electrical Engineering


  • To verify Ohm's law.

  • To verify Kirchhoff's laws:

  • To verify Superposition theorem.

  • To verify Thevenins theorem.

  • To verify Maximum Power Transfer theorem.

  • To verify Reciprocity theorem.

  • To measure the resistance of a voltmeter and an ammeter.

  • To measure the low, medium and high resistance.

  • To extend the range of an ammeter and a voltmeter with the use of shunts and multipliers respectively (To convert an ammeter into a voltmeter).

  • To measure the resistivity of copper, aluminium and nichrome.

  • To determine the hot and cold resistance of a filament lamp graphically and to find the following relations for a given filament lamp.

  • To determine the temperature coefficient of resistance of conductors like copper, nichrome, etc.

  • To measure the inductance of a given coil.

  • To study the charging and discharging of a capacitor, measurement of its capacitance and power factor and connection of capacitors in series and parallel.

  • To measure the resistance, inductance, capacitance and Q by bridge method.

  • To verify that in an ac circuit the phasor sum of currents at any junction is zero.

  • To find the voltage-current relationship in a R-L series circuit and to determine the power factor of the circuit.

  • To study the series and parallel resonance in ac circuits.

  • To measure the power and power factor in a single phase ac circuit using wattmeter and power factor meter.

  • To measure the power in a single-phase circuit by (i) three-voltmeter method and (ii) three-ammeter method.

  • To verify the voltage and current relations in star and delta connected systems.

  • To measure the power and power factor in a three-phase circuit by two-wattmeter method at different power factors and to measure reactive power in a three-phase circuit.

  • To observe the B-H loop of a ferro magnetic core material on CRO.

  • To separate the core losses and copper losses occuring in an inductive coil.

  • To calibrate a given dc ammeter and voltmeter by (i) potentiometer and (ii) sub-standard meter.

  • To adjust and calibrate a single-phase energy meter by (i) direct loading method (ii) comparing with a sub-standard meter.

  • To adjust and calibrate a three-phase energy meter by (i) direct loading method (ii) comparing with a sub-standard meter.

  • To measure the resistance, voltage and current with the help of an electronic multimeter.

  • To observe the wave shape of an alternating (sinusoidal) supply on CRO and to measure its phase, frequency, time period and amplitude.

  • To test a regulated power supply with the help of VTVM and electronic mulltimeter.

  • To use a bridge rectifier for full wave rectification of a sinusoidal ac supply and to determine the relationship between r.m.s. and average values of rectified voltage.

  • To test a battery for its charged and discharged condition and to make connections for charging.

  • To measure the value of earth resistance.

  • To measure the strain with the help of a transducer.

  • To study the working of a thermocouple and a pyrometer.

  • To find the dielectric strength of transformer oil.

  • To study the working and applications of instrument transformers.

  • To connect a tube light and to study its minimum operating voltage, current, power factor and power.

  • To determine fusing characteristics and fusing factor of a given fuse.

  • To locate faults in a cable by Murray loop test.

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Brand / Publisher New Age International
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Book Type Text Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9788122410426
Author S.K. Bhattacharya and K.M Rastogi
Language English
Study Stream Engineering
Subject Electronics
Pages 284
Binding Paperback


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