Rewards Program

Fastudent.com Rewards Program is an an exciting new program that offers great rewards and benefits to our registered customers. By participating in this program customers will get continuously increasing opportunities of earning and redeeming Scholar Points.

Once you register to become a member, you will be eligible to earn and redeem Scholar Points on various activities you perform at Fastudent.com.

Why Rewards?

  • Opportunities to 'earn and redeem' with Fastudent.com Rewards Program
  • Get frequent notifications about various promotion deals by Fastudent.com

How does Rewards Program work?

Your reward experience starts when you register at Fastudent.com
 •  Register with an authetic email id at www.Fastudent.com.
 •  Refer your friends to Fastudent.com by going to My Account > Invite Friends and entering their email ids. Ensure that your friends make a purchase at www.Fastudent.com. You may also invite friends by posting your broadcast link at Facebook, Google+ or other social networking sites. Your broadcast link is available at My Account > Invite Friends.
 •  Make frequent purchases at Fastudent.com.
 •  Provide reviews for the products you have purchased.
 •  You may check your Scholar Points balance by going to My Account > Reward Points
 •  To redeem the points. Add the products you want to buy in your shopping cart. Redeem the desired Scholar Points during checkout.

Terms & Conditions

  • Registration at Fastudent.com will give you 100 Scholar Points.
  • Referring a friend who registers and makes a purchase will give you 100 Scholar Points on friend's first purchase.
  • For every Rs. 100 you spend on Fastudent.com, 1 Scholar Point gets credited to you.
  • You will get 5 Scholar points for writing a genuine review for our amazing range of education products.
  • Each of your earned Scholar Points is equivalent to Rs. 1.
  • Scholar can be redeemed as soon as you have a minimum of 1 Scholar Points in your account.
  • You may redeem your Scholar Points to pay upto 15% of your Purchase amount. The remaining can be paid through various available Payment Options.
  • Scholar Points have a limited lifetime of 90 days. They will expire and become unredeemable at the end of this period. You may subscribe to expiration alerts to be informed about the same.
  • Fastudent.com reserves the right to cancel accrued Scholar Points, cancel an order, or disqualify the user if any fraudulent activity is noted on a customer account.
  • Fastudent.com reserves the right to change the method of calculation of points accrued on members’ purchases and the corresponding rewards offered at any time without any notice.
  • Fastudent.com reserves the right to terminate the reward program at any point without any notice.