• Robomart - Robosapiens ATMEGA16/32 IBOT V1.0 Robotic Kits Robomart - Robosapiens ATMEGA16/32 IBOT V1.0 Robotic Kits

Robomart - Robosapiens ATMEGA16/32 IBOT V1.0 Robotic Kits

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Robomart - Robosapiens ATMEGA16/32 IBOT V1.0 Robotic Kits

Atmega16/32 IBOT is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics.

• Development Board is made from single sided PTH PCB board to provide extra strength to the connector joints for increased reliability. Board can work on 7V to 15V DC supply. The control circuit or the development board is a versatile robotic development board that is being used to control this robot. By executing 16 MIPS this board can achieve throughput value of 16 MHz. The robot has been made visually interactive as there is one 16 x 2 LCD for displaying any kind of text and 8 Bit LEDs to monitor the outputs of the I / O ports. The control circuit is fabricated in a way so that a user interface any kind of peripheral desirable and the control circuit supports Digital, Analog, Serial, SPI based Devices or I2C / TWI based devices.

• The robot is basically using one motor driver circuit for its locomotion. The motor driver circuit used, intakes digital inputs to make motors running. Since, the input type for the motor driver circuit is digital one hence, locomotion can easily be done by simply providing digital input to the driver circuit. It has built-in reverse polarity protection. Open pads for connecting microcontroller's pins to external devices are also provided. The robot can be used to develop more than 30 projects using different advanced peripherals.

• The robot comes with two IR based Digital proximity Sensor that is used as a obstacle sensor. The sensor that is being used is highly flexible and versatile. The sensors can be used as an edge sensor , line sensor , color sensor (black / white) , light sensor etc. The robot is not limited to only digital sensors but also compatible with other analog sensors and different converters.

  • The robot is best suited for hobbists and Engineering / Diploma Projects.

package Including: 

  • 1x (Atmega -16/32 Robotic Development Board)

  • 1x (ATmega16/32 )

  • 1x (Robosapiens Chassis Board V 3.0)

  • 1x (16X2 LCD with Female Connector)

  • 1x (USB ASP programmer)

  • 2x (IR Based Digital Sensors)

  • 2x (Caster bullets)

  • 1 Pair Robosapiens 76mm Wheel

  • 1 Pair Plastic gear DC motors

  • 1x (Screw driver)

  • Other required Tools and accessories etc.

  • 1 Nos 8 Wire Jumper Cable

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Brand / Publisher Robomart
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Brand Information

Robomart came into existence in the year 2007. It was instituted by Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the inventor, innovator and implementer of leading edge technology enabled solutions operating in the core business segments of the Robotics industry. Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. runs with the brand name of Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. It has always been the forerunner in setting standards in this industry. It has always set high benchmarks and has shown the right path to other new breeding companies of this domain.

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