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This book presents the concepts of Applied Mechanics in a concise, compact and lucid manner. Beginning with an introduction to the subject, this book discusses the force systems—composition of forces; resolution of a force; laws of forces, moments and their applications, parallel forces and couples, equilibrium of forces, free body diagrams, Lami's theorem and equations of static equilibrium and support reactions. Furthermore, it deals with centroid and moment of inertia and principles and applications of friction. Besides, the book describes principles of lifting machines and simple lifting machines. It also discusses kinematics of particle and rigid body, and kinetics of particle and trusses.

1. Introduction
2. Forces - Composition of Forces, Resolution of a Force, Laws of Forces
3. Moments and Their Applications (Including Varignon's Principle)
4. Parallel Forces and Couples
5. Equilibrium of Forces, Free Body Diagrams, Lami's Theorem and Equations of Static Equilibrium)
6. Support Reactions
7. Centre of Gravity and Centroid
8. Moment of Inertia
9. Principles of Friction
10. Applications of Friction (Ladder, Wedge and Screw Friction)
11. Principles of Lifting Machines
12. Simple Lifting Machines
13. Linear Motion Under Uniform Acceleration 
(Equations of Rectilinear Motion)
14. Projectile Motion (Curvilinear Motion-I)
15. Motion of Rotation
16. Motion Along a Circular Path (Curvilinear Motion-II)
(Centripetal & Centrifugal Force & Acceleration)
17. Laws of Motion, Force, D Alembert's Principle, Dynamic Equilibrium, Momentum and Impulse
18. Impact Due to Collision of Elastic Bodies and Law of Conservation of Momentum
19. Work, Power, Energy and Law of Conservation of Energy
20. Analysis of Perfect Frames (Analytical Method)

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Brand / Publisher S Chand
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ISBN 9788121916431
Author KHURMI,R S Khurmi
Language English
Subject Engineering
Pages 387
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S. Chand Books have touched three generations of Indian educated community. Today S. Chand needs no introduction. Its continuous commitment and endeavor of publishing quality books and meeting the needs right from primary level books to higher academic books in Engineering, Management, Commerce, Basic Sciences and others has built unmatched equity.

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