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S.Chand Higher Engineering Mathematics

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S.Chand Higher Engineering Mathematics


Unit – I 

  • Partial Differentiation| Total Differentiation

  • Maxima And Minima Of Functions (Two Variables)

  • Errors| Jacobian

  • Taylor’S Series For Functions Of Two Variables

Unit – II

  • Double Integrals

  • Application of the Double Integrals (Area, Centre of Gravity, Mass, Volume)|etc..

Unit - III

  • Differential Equations of First Order

  • Linear Differential Equations of Second Order|Cauchy - Euler Equations, Method of variation of Parameters

  • Simultaneous Linear Differential Equations

  • Differential Equation of other Types|etc...

Unit - IV

  • Determinants|algebra of Matrices

  • Rank of Matrix|Consistency of Linear system of Equations and their Solutions

  • Eigen Values

  • etc..

Unit -  V 

  • Review of Vector Algebra

  • Differentiation of Vector (Point function, Gradient, Divergence and Curl of a Vector and their Physical Interpretations)|etc..

Unit - VI

  • Complex Numbers

  • Expansion of Trigonometric Functions

  • Functions of Complex Variable, Analytic Function

  • Conformal|etc...

Unit - VII

  • Series Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations

  • Bessel's Functions

  • Laguerre's Functions|etc...

Unit - VIII

  • Infinite Series

  • Fourier Series

Unit - IX 

  • Integral Transfroms

  • Z- Transforms

  • Hankel Transform

  • Hilbert Transform

Unit - X

  • First Order Lagrange's Linear Partial Differential Equations

  • Linear Partial Differential Equations with Constant coeffcients of 2nd order|etc...

Unit - XI 

  • Algebraic and Transcendental Equations (Bisection Method, Regula Falsi, Newton Raphson Method)

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations|etc...

Unit - XII 

  • Calculus of Variation

  • Tensor Analysis

Unit - XIII

  • Linear Programming 

Unit - XIV

  • Statistical Technique

  • Method of Least Squares

  • Correlation and Regression

  • Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis

Unit - XV

  • Probability

  • Sampling Methods

  • Binomial Distribution

  • etc..


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Brand / Publisher S Chand
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Book Type Text Books
Edition 2015
ISBN 9788121938907
Author H.K. Dass & Er. Rajnish Verma
Language English
Study Stream Engineering
Subject Mathematics
Pages 1745
Binding Paperback


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