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SBPD Micro Economics Analysis

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"Book Covers in Details:
1. The Definition of Economics
2. Scope of Economics & its Nature (Positive Vs. Normative Science)
3. Methods of Study of Economics
4. Some Important Economic Pastulates
5. Micro and Macro Economics
6. Economics Statics and Dynamics
7. Economics Laws & their Nature
8. Choice : An Economic Problem
9. Demand & Supply : Basic Framework
10. Role of Price Mechanism : Market Equilibrium
11. Consumption and Consumer
12. Utility & Marginal Utility Analysis (Cordinal Utility Analysis)
13. Indifference Curve & Consumer's Equilibrium (Ordinal Utility Analysis-I)
14. Income Effect, Substitution Effect & Price Effect (Ordinal Utility Analysis-II)
15. Revealed Preference Theory
16. Consumer's Surplus
17. Elasticity of Demand & its Measurement
18. Production & Factors of Production
19. Production Function
20. Law of Return (Law of Variable Proportion)
21. ISO-Product Curve & its Characteristics
22. Production Decision : Optimum Cost Combination
23. Returns to Scale
24. Cost : Concept and Various Concepts
25. Market : Concept and Different Types
26. Concept of Revenue
27. Equilibrium of Firm : Concept and Conditions
28. Perfect Competition (Price Determination & Equilibrium of Firm in Perfect Competition)
29. Monopoly and Price Discrimination
30. Monopolistic Competition
31. Duopoly and Oligopoly
32. Notion of Administered Prices
33. Theories of Distribution
34. Rent
35. Wages
36. Interest
37. Profit

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Brand / Publisher SBPD
Return Policy 15 Days
Book Type Text Books
Edition 1
ISBN 9789351673705
Author Dr. Anupam Agarwal
Language Hindi
Subject Economics
Pages 404
Binding Paperback


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