• Smartivity Knock ‘Em Rock ‘Em Kubbs For Age : 8+ Smartivity Knock ‘Em Rock ‘Em Kubbs For Age : 8+

Smartivity Knock ‘Em Rock ‘Em Kubbs For Age : 8+

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Smartivity Knock ‘Em Rock ‘Em Kubbs For Age : 8+

The Activity: This kit contains all the elements required to build an a cool game of Kubbs. Traditionally, Kubbolino is a Swedish outdoor game in which participants have to knock off kubbs of the opposite team by slinging missiles at them with a catapult. Smartivity has re-designed this activity as a cross between Kubbolino and Chess. Kids can build the whole game using the elements in the box. Once built, two children can play the game (or one). Kids have to line up the pawns (like in chess). The game is played turn by turn. During their turn, each kid can choose between knocking the other participant’s pawn or advancing their own. The aim is to knock off the rival’s pawns and reach their territory by advancing their own pawcs.

Concepts Involved: Momentum: What is momentum, How does momentum transfer happen… Strategic Decision Making: What will be the most effective way to knock a pawn, Should one advance a pawn or knock the opposition’s advancing pawn, how to think strategically… Elasticity: Why does a rubber band stretch, Why does it snap back when released, How can this elasticity be used to transfer motion…

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Brand / Publisher Smartivity
Age Group (Yrs) 8
Return Policy 15 Days
Edition 2015
Language English
Binding Paperback


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Smartivity projects are playful activities that make your kid smarter.Their activities are collaborative arts, craft and science based projects designed around the Theory of Successful Intelligence proposed by Robert Sternberg, a world famous psychologist. These activities are designed to prepare your child for real world challenges by playfully developing creative, analytical and practical skills.By engaging the creative and practical centres of the brain , Smartivity ensures wholesome intellectual development of your child. Smartivity also drives the feeling of accomplishment, build curiosity and helps kids understand concepts better 

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