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Technical Computer System and Programming in C for UPTU : 2016 Edition

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Technical Computer System and Programming in C for UPTU : 2016 Edition

1.D.C. Circuit Analysis and Network Theorems : Circuit Concepts : Concepts of network, Active and passive elements, Voltage and current sources, Concept of linearity and linear network, Unilateral and bilateral elements, R, L and C as linear elements, Source transformation. Kirchhoff's laws; Loop and nodal methods of analysis; Star-delta transformation. Network Theorems : Superposition theorem, Thevenin's theorem, Norton's theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem (Simple numerical problems). 2.Steady-State Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits : A.C. fundamentals : Sinusoidal, Square and triangular waveforms - Average and effective values, Form and peak factors, Concept of phasors, Phasor representation of sinusoidally varying voltage and current, Analysis of series, Parallel and series - parallel RLC circuits, Resonance in series and parallel circuits, Bandwidth and quality factor, Apparent, Active and reactive powers, Power factor, Causes and problems of low power factor, Concept of power factor improvement (Simple numerical problems). 3.Three Phase A.C. Circuits : Three phase system - Its necessity and advantages, Star and delta connections, Balanced supply and balanced load, Line and phase voltage / current relations, Three-phase power and its measurement (Simple numerical problems). 4. Measuring Instruments : Types of instruments, Construction and working principles of PMMC, and moving iron type voltmeters and ammeters, Single phase dynamometer wattmeter, Use of shunts and multipliers (Simple numerical problems on shunts and multipliers). 5.Introduction to Earthing and Electrical Safety : Need of earthing of equipment and devices, Important electrical safety issues. 6.Magnetic Circuit : Magnetic circuit concepts, Analogy between electric and magnetic circuits, B-H curve, Hysteresis and eddy current losses, Mutual coupling with dot convention, Magnetic circuit calculations. 7.Single Phase Transformer : Principle of operation, Construction, E.M.F. equation, Equivalent circuit, Power losses, Efficiency (Simple numerical problems), Introduction to auto transformer. 8.Electrical Machines : Concept of electro mechanical energy conversion D.C. Machines : Types, E.M.F. equation of generator and torque equation of motor, Characteristics and applications of dc motors (Simple numerical problems). Three Phase Induction Motor : Types, Principle of operation, Slip-torque characteristics, Applications (Numerical problems related to slip only). Single Phase Induction Motor : Principle of operation and introduction to methods of starting, Applications. Three Phase Synchronous Machines : Principle of operation of alternator and synchronous motor and their applications.

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Brand / Publisher Technical Publication
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Reference Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9789350992036
Author A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse
Language English
Board UP State Board
Specialization Computer Science
Subject Engineering
Pages 532
Binding Paperback


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