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Technical Theory of Machine - I - A conceptual Approach: 2016 Edition

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Technical Theory of Machine - I - A conceptual Approach: 2016 Edition

Fundamentals of Kinematics and Mechanisms Kinematic link, Types of links, Kinematic pair, Types of constrained motions, Types of kinematic pairs, Kinematic chain, Types of joints, Mechanism, Machine, Degree of freedom (Mobility), Kutzbach crieterion, Grubler's criterion. Four bar chain and its inversions, Grashoff's law, Slider crank chain and its inversions, Double slider crank chain and its inversions. Pantograph, Swinging/rocking mechanisms, Geneva mechanism. Equivalent linkage of mechanisms. Steering gear mechanisms : Condition for correct steering, Davis steering gear mechanism, Ackermann steering gear mechanism. Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Simple Mechanisms : Graphical Methods-I Relative velocity method : Relative velocity of a point on a link, Angular velocity of a link, Sliding velocity, Velocity polygons for simple mechanisms. Relative acceleration method : Relative acceleration of a point on a link, Angular acceleration of a link, Acceleration polygons for simple mechanisms. Instantaneous center of rotation (ICR) method : Definition of ICR, Types of ICRs, Methods of locating ICRs, Kennedy's theorem, Body and space centrode. Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms : Graphical Methods-II Velocity and acceleration diagrams for the mechanisms involving Coriolis component of acceleration. Klein's construction. Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms : Analytical Methods Analytical method for displacement, Velocity and acceleration analysis of slider crank mechanism. Position analysis of links with vector and complex algebra methods, Loop closure equation, Chace solution, Velocity and acceleration analysis of four bar and slider crank mechanisms using vector and complex algebra methods.Hooke's joint, Double Hooke's joint. Introduction to Synthesis of Linkages Steps in synthesis process : Type, Number and dimensional synthesis. Tasks of kinematic synthesis : Path, Function and motion generation (Body guidance). Precision positions, Chebychev spacing, Mechanical and structural errors, Branch defect and order defect, Crank rocker mechanisms. Graphical synthesis : Two and three position synthesis using relative pole method and inversion method for single slider crank and four bar mechanism, Three position motion synthesis of four bar mechanism. Analytical synthesis : Derivation of Freudenstein's equation, Three position function generation using Freudenstein's equation. Static and Dynamic Force Analysis Theory and analysis of compound pendulum, Concept of equivalent length of simple pendulum, Bifilar suspension, Trifilar suspension. Dynamics of reciprocating engines : Two mass statically and dynamically equivalent system, Correction couple, Static and dynamic force analysis of reciprocating engine mechanism (analytical method only), Crank shaft torque, Introduction to T- diagram.

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Brand / Publisher Technical Publication
Return Policy 30 Days
Book Type Reference Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9789350996232
Language English
Specialization Mechanics
Subject Engineering
Pages 696
Binding Paperback


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