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Universal Ancient Law of Environment : 2015 Edition

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Environment is not physics but metaphysics. It is not a subject but a science. It is not physiography but cosmography, and there is no authority on cosmography other than word of the Veda. In the Vedic Law, the cosmocraft is not material phenomenon but a spiritual pageant. The  environment feels and wills, acts and reacts. It is benevolent only in status quo but is prone to be malevolent if aggrieved. The evils rampant in the society and a global criminality in practice, has disintegrated the spirituality of men. this spiritual damage is damage of the cosmic spirit and the environment reacts in retaliation rather than its redemption. The spirit in man is mini-cosmos and anything occurring to man pollutes the environment. 

The spiritual dimensions of environmental ethics are based on science of Yajna, which has now sunk into remissness. This is open hostility to environment but causes are being investigated elsewhere.

In the Vedic cosmology, the Tree of life has its roots above and has its twigs downward. The life on earth has come from the Rishis and the Pitras which is irrefutable cosmic science. The modern evolutionary theories are corollaries to some phantasy.

The cosmic space, thus, provides for centres of creative power for every root or parent life patterns of the host of forms of botanical or zoological life; and each pattern is a generalized design worked out by the cosmic designer.

There is law which keeps this cosmofactory in action, and that law is the law of Karma and rebirth.

The cosmos is bound by the collective karma of the previous creation, and the individual self is bound to determine his life on rebirth on merit of his actions in the past life.

The law of Karma has been stated in simplest terms. The effort is to supply the desideratum in the field of knowledge of environment.
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Edition 2015
ISBN 9788175349629
Author Chaturvedi Dr. R.G.
Language English
Board CBSE
Study Stream Law
Pages 204
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