• Vikas Principles of Economics Vikas Principles of Economics

Vikas Principles of Economics

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Vikas Principles of Economics


Part I Introduction: Introduction to Economics

  • The Economy and Its Basic Problems

Part II Fundamentals of Market Economy: The Laws of Demand and Supply and Market EquilibriumElasticities of Demand and Supply

  • Market Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

  • Failure of the Market Economy and Role of the Government

Part III Theory of Consumer Demand:Theory of Consumer Demand: Cardinal Utility Approach

  • Theory of Consumer Demand: Ordinal Utility Approach

  • Recent Developments in Consumption Theory

  • Consumer’s Surplus

Part IV Theory of Production and Analysis of Cost:

  • Theory of Production-I: Production with One Variable Input

  • Theory of Production-II: Production with Two Variable Inputs

  • Optimum Combination of Inputs

  • Theory of Production Cost

Part V Theory of Firm:

  • Price and Output Determination: Objective of Business Firms and Market Structure

  • Price and Output Determination Under Perfect Competition

  • Price and Output Determination Under Monopoly

  • Price and Output Under Monopolistic Competition

  • Price and Output Determination Under Oligopoly

  • Some Topics in Pricing Theory

Part VI Theory of Factor Pricing:

  • The Factor Market: Factor Demand and Supply

  • Theory of Wage Determination

  • Rent

  • Quasi-Rent and Economic Rent

  • Theories of Interest

  • Theories of Profit

  • Product Exhaustion Theorems

Part VII General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics:

  • The General Equilibrium

  • Welfare Economics

Part VIII Macroeconomics: Introduction to Macroeconomics:

  • The Circular Flow Model of The Economy

  • National Income: Concept and Measurement

  • Theory of National Income Determination

  • Income Determination with Government and Foreign Trade

  • Theories of Aggregate Consumption

  • 460 Keynesian Theory of Interest

  • Investment Theory and Acceleration Principle

Part IX Economic Growth and Business Cycles:

  • Modern Theories of Economic Growth

  • Business Cycles and Stabilisation

  • Inflation: Meaning, Measure and Effects

  • Theories of Inflation and Control Measures

Part X International Economics:


  • The Theory of International Trade

  • The Heckscher-Ohlin Theory of Trade

  • The Law of Reciprocal Demand and Terms of Trade

  • Trade Policy: Free Trade Vs. Trade Protection

  • Trade Barriers: Tariffs and Quota

  • The Rate of Foreign Exchange

  • Balance of Payments: Disequilibrium and Adjustment

  • International Monetary System

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Book Type Text Books
Edition 2016
ISBN 9788125916512
Author D N Dwivedi
Language English
Study Stream Commerce
Subject Economics
Pages 640
Binding Paperback
Notebook Binding Type Paperback


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