• Wiley Applied Predictive Analytics : Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst Wiley Applied Predictive Analytics : Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst

Wiley Applied Predictive Analytics : Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst

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Wiley  Applied Predictive Analytics : Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst 


Predictive Analytics will teach both art and science, showing when and why to use particular techniques to achieve particular results. And importantly, how, when, and why to violate assumptions in the underlying math and stats-based theory. The principles and techniques in this book have been developed by the author over 20 years of consulting and training. His approach is thoroughly pragmatic, focusing on the algorithms and analysis techniques that are supported by commercial and open source software, and shows which mix of techniques and real-world tools yield the best results. Readers will gain a wealth of practical insight based on the author's experience---and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can prevent success.
Predictive Analytics shows tech-savvy business managers and data analysts how to use the techniques of predictive analytics to solve practical business problems. It teaches readers the methods, principles, and techniques for conducting predictive analytics projects, from start to finish. The author focuses on best practices---including tips and tricks---that are essential for successful predictive modeling.
The author explains the theory behind the principles of predictive analytics in plain English; readers don't need an extensive background in math and statistics, which makes it ideal for most tech-savvy business and data analysts.

Each of the techniques chapters begins with a description of the specific technique and how it relates to the overall process model for predictive analytics. The depth of the description of a technique will match the complexity of the approach; the intent is to describe the techniques in enough depth for a practitioner to understand the effect of the major parameters needed to effectively use the technique and interpret the results. For example, with decision trees, the primary algorithms (C5, CART and CHAID) is described in qualitative terms (what are trees, what is a split), how they are similar and different (Gini vs. Entropy vs. chi-square tests), why one might use one technique over another, how one can be fooled by the models built using each algorithm (i.e., their weaknesses), what knobs one can adjust (depth, complexity penalties, priors, costs, etc.), and how to interpret the results.


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Brand / Publisher Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.
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ISBN 9788126550388
Author Prof. Dean Abbott
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Subject Computer Science
Pages 452
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